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  • Kaizen spirit: the antidote to taylorist bureaucratic thinking

    These days, the rage in lean is all about “management system”, “hoshin kanri” or “standard work.” Where is kaizen gone? In the last conference I attended, three people independently quoted Taiichi Ohno reportedly saying “without standards, there can be n...

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  • Real competitive edge: say “yes,” be friendly

    Let’s face it, Europe’s time has passed and even European outshoots from America to Australia are waning. This is Asia’s century. Dr. Marcus Chao, one of my mentors who coaches me on the vast mystery that is China keeps chiding me: why not focus on positive things? Why always b...

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  • Safety In Numbers: What Message Are We Sending?

    Jamie Parker practices Lean and is passionate about learning and sharing Lean leadership. She has 15 years’ experience in operations management / leadership across retail, service, and manufacturing environments. Jamie serves as an internal coach to her organization’s operations manag...

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  • Back to the Beginning with Ohno, Suzuki, and Yoda

    As I was researching the remarkable similarities between Lean and Zen for my book, The Simple Leader, one of the most interesting – and meaningful – was the concept of the beginner’s mind. Taiichi Ohno said, “Observe… without preconceptions and with a blank mind.&r...

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  • Don’t Let the Perfect Get In the Way of the Good

    You may have noticed that Ron, Kevin, Jon, and I contribute to the Gemba Academy blog on a rotating schedule.  My articles are posted the third Friday of each month.   For the next several months I’ll use this schedule to highlight best practices from the Gemba Academy community. ...

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  • Create a Learning Path

    This article is a continuation on the series based on best practices from the Gemba Academy community Part 1: Don’t let perfect get in the way of good Part 2: Create a Learning Path Lean, for many organizations, involves transformation.  This kind of sweeping change can generate res...

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  • Protect the Process

    This article is a continuation of the series based on best practices from the Gemba Academy community. Part 1: Don’t Let Perfect Get in the Way of Good Part 2: Create a Learning Path   It’s easy to get consumed with KPIs and financial statements and use these to drive correct...

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  • There’s Value in Simple, Visual and Manual Systems

    The advancement of technology of the years has put the sum of human knowledge at our fingertips.  We can look up pretty much anything we want to know in a matter of seconds.  Data systems have enabled us to see details of our businesses that we might not have researched in the past. &nb...

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  • Designing a Lean Home

    I’ve received several comments on The Simple Leader, with some of the most unexpected having to do with the section where I discuss my desire to design and build a home with Lean principles in mind. If I hadn’t studied chemical engineering I probably would have gone to architecture sc...

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  • Lean Lessons from Tough Mudder

    May 2016 I had the bright idea that I’d register for the Michigan Tough Mudder Mud Run, then find a way to get in shape (ready, fire, aim).  I had seen ads and social media posts from finishers and thought to myself “That looks like fun,” but didn’t really know what I...

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