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  • Strategos Inc

    For more than 25 years the Strategos team has helped clients improve business operations. Based in Kansas City, Missouri, USA, we travel the world fortraining and consulting. Our Associates come from varied backgrounds and, together address a wide range of business and manufacturing issues.

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  • Toads

    “Okay, say you go into the break room, and a couple people you like are there, say someone’s telling a funny story, you laugh a little, you feel included, everyone’s so funny, you go back to your desk with a … Continue reading → Original: https://thinkpurpose.com/...

    Tags: systems thinking, very short posts, larkin, Marx, work

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  • Create a Healthier, Happier And More Productive Workplace

    Bear in mind that your employees reflect you and your company. Thus, it is wise to pay attention to their health and make sure that they are active, refreshed and energized. This way, your prosperity will rise and you will have an inspired team of employees who will enjoy coming to work, love and...

    Tags: How to be happy at work, How to Increase Productivity, communication, employee engagement, happy, Happy Atmosphere, health, healthy, healthy atmosphere, motivated, motivation, reward, self-care, work, work-life balance

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  • Why Working From Coffee Shops Makes You More Productive

    When do you feel happy at work? Salary, a healthy environment, and awesome coworkers – they all matter and influence your motivation. But what about your work effectiveness? Do you feel happier at work when you stay productive and complete all tasks fast, big, and in a novel way? Productivi...

    Tags: How to Increase Productivity, Remote Working, coffee shop, happiness at work, happy, how to be productive, improving performance, productive, productive at work, productivity, remote work, work, work from home, working in public

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  • 10 Tricks (Better Than Coffee!) to Boost Efficiency at Work

    Do you like coffee? For some office workers, it’s the only way to cheer up on mornings. They can’t start working until they have a cup or two of this drink, considering coffee the only method to boost energy at the workplace during a day. Indeed, coffee has many benefits proven by sci...

    Tags: How to Increase Productivity, How To Motivate Employees, being mindful, being motivated, being productive, efficient, how to be productive, mindful work, mindfulness, motivate employees, motivate yourself, Productivity at work, self-care, tips, work

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  • How innovation impacts work: Technology as game-changer and life-changer

    “The job your child will do doesn’t exist yet”, said the young principal from one of Singapore’s most prestigious private schools in a conference I attended ten years ago. Ten years from now a good number of today’s jobs will not exist, a good number of entirely new ...

    Tags: innovation, innovation excellence, Change, Creativity, Disruption, Innovation, Jobs, Employment, Innovation and Jobs, Leadership, work

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  • 7 Ways to Use Social Media in Your Job Search

    We’re living in a world in which social media is numbering between the top powerful digital forces in the world. Only Facebook gathers monthly on average more than 2 billion active users. Other social platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram are accessed on a daily basis by at least h...

    Tags: How to Increase Productivity, Motivational, job search, looking for work, online, social media, work

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  • 10 Ways You Can Make an Impressive Impact at Work in the group Lean Leadership

    The world’s growing ever more competitive. Even if you already have a job, making sure you have access to the best opportunities means going beyond the usual. It’s not enough to stay on top of your to-do list or meet the expectations of your job description. If you want to make an i...

    Tags: Lead From Within, Business, Career, Inc., Leadership, Management, Success, Work, Workplace

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