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  • The Lean IT Transformation -- Is There a Roadmap?

    During the past few years, many books have been published addressing the advantages of deploying Lean continuous improvement in IT operations. In addition, there are many books on DevOps, Agile software development, Lean project management, Lean startup, continuous deployment, and IT Service Mana...

    Tags: information technology, Lean IT, Mike Orzen, PDCA, standard work, Steven Bell, Thomas Paider, visual management

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  • Kanban boards convert projects from circus to symphony

    Trying to manage a big project with a team can feel like running a circus. It’s hard to tame the tigers and herd the elephants while simultaneously balancing budgets and priorities on the high wire. It would be better if your team could work in concert, like the musicians in a symphony &md...

    Tags: Kanban, visual management, Human Resources, project management

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  • Snap On Tools Lean Tour

    Integracore of Atlanta went for a field trip to the Snap On Assembly Plant in Murphy NC. The plant was voted one of the 10 Best Plants in 2010 by Industry Week Magazine. The video gives great examples of the application of lean principles such as visual management using kanban cards, color codin...

    Tags: Lean Principles, 5s, kanban, lean manufacturing, visual management

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  • Visual Management

    Visual Management collection

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  • Three Reasons Why Visual Management Boards Fail

    Organizations pursuing lean often rush to deploy visual management boards. They fill the walls with metrics and charts, performance data and improvement project plans. Sadly, as often as not, these visual boards turn into unattractive wallpaper, unused, unloved, and out of date. The reason that ...

    Tags: lean manufacturing, visual management

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  • Muda Corporation: Improving Your Suggestions System

    Anyone who's had to implement a suggestions system in their organization knows it's not an easy task, especially from a cultural aspect. Marius Gil may have just the tool to help - a fun illustration featuring eight common, suggestion-suppressing behaviors to watch out for. (...)   Orig...

    Tags: Engagement, Muda, Mura, Muri, waste, visual management

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  • New Videos: Workplace Visualization Course

    In this new School of Lean course we explore what visualization is and why it’s such an important aspect of lean management. Also, we will discover how to go about bringing the concept of visuality to the workplace. Finally, we’ll visit some real world companies to see how they’...

    Tags: New Videos, 5S, Lean, visual factory, visual management, workplace visualization

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  • Why Bother Making It Visual?

    What to do when you need to make the work visible, but your people aren't behind it? Leslie Barker has some suggestions based on this story of overcoming resistance to visual management. Original: https://www.lean.org/lp/793 By: Leslie BarkerPosted: October 3, 2017, 12:00 am

    Tags: lean leadership, Lean Management, visual management

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  • Visual Value in Health Information Management

    Have you ever struggled to make "invisible work" visual for your leadership? Laura Shue of the University of Michigan Health System certainly has - two years ago she tackled the formidable task of making the value of her Health Information Management department visual for their leaders. How she d...

    Tags: visual management, lean healthcare

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  • The eye leads the hand

    The secret of visual management is that the eye leads the hand… which then leads the brain. Specifically, attention – the brain’s system one of fast reaction – leads the eye, which then leads the hand to action. The consequences of these actions if they’re not too ...

    Tags: visual management

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