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  • Making Maserati: A Factory Tour

      We absolutely love cars! From American brands to global legends like Maserati, our love for the car transcends all boundaries. There is something about the fit, finish and performance of an automobile. Nothing compares to walking around a new car and taking in this marvel of manufacturing...

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  • Leading With Tesla: A Factory Tour in Fairmont

    If you are car fanatics like we are, you cannot help but drool when the name Tesla is mentioned. When you think of the brand, you think of a powerful machine that masters any road surface while providing the driver with understated luxury and a strong eco footprint. Tesla Motors leads the indus...

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  • Doing It the Amazon Way: A Factory Tour

      Amazon is like Frank Sinatra … they do it their way! If you live in 27 cities that offer the Prime Now service, you will get a rare opportunity to see how they do it! Amazon Does It Their Way Amazon is an electronic commerce and cloud computing company with headquarters in Seat...

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  • Rockwell Collins Builds Flight Displays: A Factory Tour

      Rockwell Collins understands that access to information is crucial to mission effectiveness. Whether flying from Los Angeles to Paris for a well deserved vacation, or flying a dangerous mission over the skies of the Middle East, Rockwell Collins ensures that mission is completed safely....

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  • Beretta USA Is On Target: A Factory Tour

    This factory tour is right on target for lean manufacturing professionals! Since 1985, Beretta USA has been manufacturing quality firearms for the US Military since 1985. Its featured firearm is the M9 9mm pistol. Beretta has manufactured and delivered over 600,000 of their M9 pistols from thei...

    Tags: Lean Manufacturing, Virtual Factory Tour, beretta, beretta usa, lean six sigma, quality, shmula.com

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  • Airbus A380 Building A Giant: A Factory Tour

      Airbus has ended the debate about who rules the skies! The Airbus A380 has become the indisputable ‘King of the Skies,’ relegating the Boeing 747 to her role as the ‘Queen of the Skies.’ Some argue that size doesn’t matter. In the case of air transport, size ...

    Tags: Lean Manufacturing, Virtual Factory Tour, airbus a380, factory tour, lean six sigma, shmula.com

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  • Building the BMW X3 and BMW X4: A Factory Tour

    We go behind the scenes in a factory tour of the BMW Spartanburg, South Carolina plant, where they build the BMW X3 and BMW X4. These BMW models are built in the USA and distributed across the world from the port in Charleston, SC.   Factory Tour: The BMW Story Bayerische Motoren Werke AG...

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  • Getting In Tune With Gibson: A Factory Tour

    Gibson guitars go from raw product to one of the finest guitars in the world. This tour takes you step by step process on the production. The home of the best electric guitars today is Gibson USA. Built in 1974 in Nashville, specifically for the production of Les Paul guitars. The world headquart...

    Tags: Virtual Factory Tour, factory tour, gibson, lean manufacturing, shmula.com, six sigma

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  • Rolling With Rolls-Royce: A Factory Tour

    Go inside the Rolls-Royce factory in West Sussex, England, and discover how the Wraith, Phantom and Ghost Series II are built. Exploring The True Luxury of Rolls-Royce Understand this: you don’t just buy a Rolls-Royce. You commission the production. For more than a century, Rolls-Royce Mo...

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  • Army Bootcamp: Making The American Soldier

      Oooo-hah! Let’s see how the US Army makes an American soldier! Here’s a video about the US Army’s Basic Combat Training at Fort Jackson (South Carolina) and numerous other locations across the country. Learn More About Army Basic Training United States Army Basic Comba...

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