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  • Toyota Kata – Mike Rother in the group Lean Six Sigma Deutschland

    Die Toyota Kata ist eine Ansatz zur strukturierten Umsetzung von Lean Gedanken. Anbei eine Stoffsammlung zur Toyota Kata und ihrem Begründer Mike Rother. Die Seite von Mike Rother als Basis für alle Unterlagen zur Toyota KATA http://www-personal.umich.edu/~mrother/Homepage.html Die Toyo...

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  • The Improvement Kata: Next Step and Expected Result

    In the Improvement Kata sometimes it helps to think about the outcome desired and then the step required to accomplish it. A couple of months ago, I gave a tip I’ve learned for helping a coach vet an obstacle. Another issue I come across frequently is a weak link between the “Next S...

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  • Delivering the Patient Satisfaction Experience

    “Our challenge is to improve our patient satisfaction scores.” This seems to be a fairly common theme as I continue to work in the health care arena. Background In the U.S. at least, most major health care operations use one of a couple of major service providers (such as Press Gan...

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  • Toyota Kata: Is That Really an Obstacle?

    “What obstacles do you think are preventing you from reaching the target condition?” When the coach asks that question, she is curious about what the learner / improver believes are the unresolved issues, sources of variation, problems, etc. that are preventing the process from opera...

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  • Toyota Kata: Don’t Change The Target Condition Date

    A target condition has three main elements: An achieve-by date. A level of performance that will be achieved. The operational process that will be in place. The details of the #2 and #3 can take a number of forms, but today I want to talk about the achieve-by date. Keep the time horizon ...

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  • Notes and Thoughts from KataCon 2

    The 2016 Toyota Kata Summit developed some interesting themes. Even though the keynote addresses were not coordinated, one message emerged across them all. This is about leadership development. And by that, I don’t mean it is about further developing those in leadership positions. I mean...

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  • Countdown to KataCon

    The 2nd Toyota Kata summit is February 18-19 in Fort Lauderdale, and I plan to be there. This year looks to be more of a cross-section of people and companies that are working on their own versions of the culture shift. There isn’t “one way” and it looks like the keynotes refle...

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  • Toyota Kata and Hoshin Kanri

    Jeff asked an interesting question in a comment to the post Often Skipped: Understand the Challenge and Direction: [Hoshin Kanri] seems to suggest I reach long term objectives (vision) through short term initiatives/projects as if I can (should?) know the steps. [Toyota Kata] sa...

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  • Toyota Kata: What is the Learner Learning?

    In the language of Toyota Kata we have a “coach” and a “learner.” Some organizations use the word “improver” instead of “learner.” I have used those terms more or less interchangeably. Now I am getting more insight into what the “learner&rdquo...

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  • Coaching Kata: Walking Through an Improvement Board

      The Coaching Kata is much more than just asking the 5 questions. The coach needs to pay attention to the answers and make sure the thinking flows. Although I have alluded to pieces in prior posts, today I want to go over how I try to connect the dots during a coaching cycle. Does t...

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