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  • What is Lean Deployment and Hoshin Kanri Planning?

    One of the challenges organizations must solve is finding a way to align the present activities of managers and employees with future long-term business goals. Or, to flip that concept, when you have a long-term goal, finding a way to develop a step-by-step process to get you there. Lean deployme...

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  • How to Deploy Lean in 10 Steps

    It’s important to understand the challenges typically faced by companies in the United States and other Western countries when trying to implement Lean. In the West, one management approach is to “fail fast.” This typically means putting in some planning, putting the plan into p...

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  • The Use of Kaizen in Professional Sports

    In an age of modern sports where the playing field is more level than ever and competition fiercer, it’s worth contemplating the success of the Golden State Warriors and New England Patriots. Led, respectively, by coaches Steve Kerr and Bill Belichick, both organizations have been models of...

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  • Kanban, JIT, and How Piggly Wiggly Changed the World of Lean Manufacturing

    Here’s a list of things you might find in your local supermarket: Canned goods Pet food Hair products Cheese The key to completely revolutionizing the manufacturing and production industry forever That last item is a little hard to come by, but according to legend, that’s wh...

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  • Can Lean Six Sigma Improve Spinal Fusion Surgeries? A Group of Surgeons Think It’s Possible

    Can a process improvement methodology most famously applied to the auto industry help spinal cord surgeons provide better care for their patients? Lean Six Sigma tools and techniques can be applied to improve any process, as spinal surgeons recently discovered after implementing the methodology i...

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  • Riverside County Jail Finds Value in Process Improvement

    In 2016, the Riverside County jail made a surprising discovery. According to a study conducted by an outside group, almost 50% of the people in Riverside’s jail were being held for reasons other than committing a crime. A handful were serving jailtime because of warrants. Others failed to s...

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  • What is a SIPOC Diagram?

    The first step on any Six Sigma project is to decide whether the issue under consideration is right for the application of tools used in the methodology. There is even a method for determining what should become a Six Sigma project, a helpful tool especially if it is the organization’s firs...

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  • Manufacturer Leverages the Power of Kaizen and Common Sense

    Kaizen is a simple principle to understand, but a hard principle to practice. It’s a notion that everyone, regardless of age or station, should strive to improve every day. Each facet of your life can get better, the Kaizen philosophy argues, even if it’s just subtle improvements her...

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  • How Lean Six Sigma Can Help You Manage Your Finances

    Debt is an issue facing millions of people in the United States. It can drag people down both financially and emotionally. The amount of debt has grown again in the past few years. The average American household has almost $17,000 in credit card debt alone, according to a 2016 study by Nerd Wall...

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  • Can Lean Six Sigma Help You Become a Better Parent?

    Parents face one of the most complicated challenges of them all. Business might have the intricacies of high finance and political intrigue. But that’s nothing compared to raising a human being without losing your mind. Can Lean Six Sigma provide support in this most challenging of all ende...

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