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  • Top 5 Innovative Technologies That Will Disrupt and Dominate 2019 and Beyond

    With every passing year, innovations on this planet abound. Just 30 years ago, the internet was a rarity, and few could have ever imagined just how extensively this new technology would disrupt and dominate our lives. As we move toward 2019, the rate at which we are producing these innovations is...

    Tags: innovation, innovation excellence, Innovation, 3D Printing, 5g, ai, Blockchain, green, IoT, Security, Telepresence

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  • Innovation in Digital and Virtual Immersion Will Change The Way We Live

    In 1999, the Wachowski siblings released a monument to modern film-making: The Matrix. Stylistically, the world really had never seen anything like it. However, the movie’s impact wasn’t confined to its entertainment value; the movie centered around metaphysical themes popularly attri...

    Tags: innovation, innovation excellence, Innovation, AR, IoT, telecommuting, Telepresence, Telework, the matrix, vr

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