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  • Six Things Great Innovators Do Differently

    Take a look at any successful enterprise and you’ll find innovation at its core. That was just as true a hundred years ago when Henry Ford perfected the assembly line as it is today, when modern day giants like Elon Musk bring cutting edge technology to market. Innovation, as I’ve wri...

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  • The Secret Behind Amazon’s Stunning Success

    Author’s Note: The opinions expressed in this article represent my views and my views alone. I do not work for or represent Amazon.com in any way. In 2005, I joined the ranks of a company called Amazon.com – a company that was, at that time, a retail underdog. Their sto...

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  • Talent Management in the Gig Economy

    A recent paper reveals that whilst many companies are using open innovation to access new ideas and skills, a lack of talent internally makes succeeding difficult. As such, it's perhaps no surprise to see the gig economy as perhaps an easier entry point. Original: http://innovationexcellence.c...

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  • 4 Ways to Create Talent Gravity and Get the Best People

    “There’s no lack of talent out there; the key is creating gravity that draws talent to you.” Few companies aren’t envious of the incredible talent gravity that Google, Facebook, and Apple exert. Companies in these enviable situations literally have talent knocking down the...

    Tags: innovation, innovation excellence, Leadership, Employee Engagement, Employees, growth, HR, Human Resources, impact, jobs, Meaning, purpose, Talent

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  • Why Innovation Remains Elusive

    Recently a reporter contacted me by email, asking several questions about innovation. I didn’t have the time to answer all of them, so I asked him what he really wanted to know. He replied that what he really wanted was a bottom line answer to the question of what makes the most difference ...

    Tags: innovation, innovation excellence, Experimentation, innovation definition, Innovation Methodology, Innovation Strategy, Talent

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  • Von wegen Schwächen – Entwickeln Sie daraus ein wahres Talent in the group Lean Six Sigma Deutschland

    Vergleichen Sie sich auch immer mit Ihren Kollegen und wünschen sich Stärken zu besitzen, die andere zum Erfolg bringt? Stehen Ihnen ihre Schwächen im Berufsalltag manchmal im Weg? Dann lernen Sie, wie man Schwächen konstruktiv nutzen kann, um erfolgreich ans Ziel zu gelangen....

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  • Leveraging Your Talent for Innovation

    The world is now entering the third wave of digital innovation, leveling up out of the internet & connectivity era into what the World Economic Forum is calling the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”. Since digital innovation began back in the 1980’s with the first wave – ...

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  • Older Innovators: The Surprising Answer To Our Country’s Talent Gap

    Four years ago, I was fortunate enough to lead Panasonic’s people efforts for the world’s largest startup, the Tesla/Panasonic Gigafactory. As my team was tasked with bringing on nearly half of what would ultimately be a 7,000 employee plant, there were times when we brought on more t...

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  • Lean Manufacturing – Is It Talent or Process That Prevails?

    “Enjoying success requires the ability to adapt. Only by being open to change will you have a true opportunity to get the most from your talent.” Nolan Ryan Companies and those that lead them spend decades building and fine tuning processes. Those processes are developed for one pur...

    Tags: Business, Leadership, Lean Manager, Lean Manufacturing, applying lean methodologies, lean, lean six sigma, lean thinking, processes, shmula, talent

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