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  • How the LEGO Group Built a Global Learning Organization Using TWI

    Patrick Graupp, the foremost thought leader on the topic of Training Within Industry (TWI), has authored an important new book titled Building a Global Learning Organization: Using TWI to Succeed with Strategic Workforce Expansion in the LEGO Group. He wrote the book with two coauthors, Gitte Jak...

    Tags: Building a Global Learning Organization, Gitte Jakobsen, John Vellema, LEGO, Patrick Graupp, standardized work, training within industry, TWI, TWI Summit

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  • Implementation of the Training Within Industry (TWI) at Autoliv Poland

    For this latest blog entry, I'm turning over the reins to Bartosz Misiurek and Iwona Diug who present a great case study of  Training Within Industry (TWI) implementation at Autoliv Poland. It provides some very interesting insight on just how this automotive supplier drastically improved qu...

    Tags: Autoliv, automobile industry, Bartosz Misiurek, Iwona Diug, key perfomance indicators (KPIs), lean, PDCA, training within industry, TWI

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  • TWI Expanded: Using Training Within Industry Program in Mixed Model Production

    The Training Within Industry (TWI) program is one of the most popular approaches to developing the skills of experienced operators and leaders in instructing, improving and problem solving. One TWI method is TWI Job Instruction (JI), which is focused on conducting on-the-job training. This method...

    Tags: Operations & Supply Chain, Job Instruction, lean, MMP, operational excellence, training within industry, TWI

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  • TWI Job Instruction Course Coming Soon!

    We’re breaking new ground at Gemba Academy this week as we run our first “live” training class.  Specifically, 10 students (9 after the flu took one out of commission on Tuesday) have come together here in the DFW area to learn all about the TWI Job Instruction process acr...

    Tags: Lean, TWI, JI

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  • GA 149 | How to Teach TWI with Jamie Parker

    This week’s guest is Jamie Parker, an avid lean thinker and past podcast guest who recently participated in our first live training class. Jamie and Ron reflected back on the class, which centered around  the Job Instruction component of TWI. We can’t wait to share this uniq...

    Tags: Education, Leadership, Lean, Lean Manufacturing, Manufacturing, podcast, TWI

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  • GA 152 | TWI, Kata, and Respect for People with Skip Steward and Brandon Brown

    This week’s guests are Skip Steward and Brandon Brown. We had the pleasure of interviewing them while attending the KataCon/TWI Summits in San Diego. They both shared a lot of valuable insight with us regarding TWI, Kata, Respect for People, and more. An MP3 version of this episode is ...

    Tags: Leadership, Lean, Lean Healthcare, podcast, Productivity, TWI

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  • GA 153 | From Tiffany & Co. to Toyota with Josh Sanchez

    This week’s guest is Josh Sanchez, a continuous improvement practitioner with a fascinating background. Josh worked for Tiffany & Co. before landing a job at Toyota, and is now transitioning into a healthcare role. Ron and Josh discussed what it’s like to practice contin...

    Tags: Education, Lean, Lean Healthcare, Lean Manufacturing, Manufacturing, podcast, Productivity, Six Sigma, Taiichi Ohno, Toyota, TWI

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  • Our Job Instruction Course is Available!

    We’re really excited to announce that our Job Instruction (JI) course was soft launched this week.  I say “soft launch” because we’re still adding the course to our Learning System platform, but our Learning Library customers can now access the course. By the way, if ...

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  • GA 157 | Using Brain Science to Understand TWI with Roger Bilas

    This week’s episode is a live talk by Roger Bilas, which he gave at this year’s TWI Summit in San Diego, California. Roger explained why the three main components of TWI are done the way they are, specifically from a brain science perspective. An MP3 version of this episode ...

    Tags: Leadership, Lean, podcast, Productivity, TWI

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  • When Opportunity & Job Instruction Meet

    We’re just finishing up another awesome week of TWI Training here in the lovely state of Virginia. Specifically, we’re completing live Job Relations (JR) and Job Methods (JM) training with a room full of Gemba Academy students. We conducted the JR side of the training in the mornings...

    Tags: Lean, TWI, JI, JM, JR

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