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  • Product Strategy:  Key Challenges to Tackle while Implementing Smart Customization

    Customers, these days, demand ever-higher levels of personalized products and services to suit their needs.  Their demand is grounded on technological disruption and access to up-to-date information.  They believe that in an economy characterized by disruption and operational innovation...

    Tags: Strategy, Marketing, & Sales, Complexity, Cost of Complexity, product strategy, segmentation, Smart Customization, Value Creation, Valueless Variety

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  • Product Strategy: The Advantages Smart Customization Offers

    The advantages of Smart Customization are more visible in the manufacturing industry—owing to fairly speedy cash recoveries when factory costs are aligned to customer value.  It is becoming an integral pillar to Product Strategy in many organizations. However, services sector can also ...

    Tags: Strategy, Marketing, & Sales, Order Qualifiers, Order Winners, Right Customization, Smart Customization, Smart Customizers, Tailored Business Streams

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