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  • Status tags revisited

      Status tags are my preferred approach to visually attaching state metadata to work items. In plain english, what this means is that if you have a task, represented for example by a standard size Post-it, you would add a physical tag, represented by a smaller colored Post-it, to indicate ...

    Tags: Visual management, agile, elements, Kanban, Scrum, Task boards

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  • Visual Management Workshop at Agile 2009

    This is my recount of my session at Agile 2009 Chicago. It was titled “Visual Management for Agile Teams” and was part of the Manifesting Agility stage. The session went well, around 36 people came and left 27 session reviews. Many people found value in the practical, down-to-ear...

    Tags: Visual management, agile 2009, chicago, Kanban, Scrum, Task boards

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  • Mit Agilität zum Projekterfolg: Warum Scrum nicht nur im Rugby von Vorteil ist! in the group Lean Six Sigma Deutschland

    Flexibilität und Agilität sind im heutigen Wettbewerb ein Muss für jedes Unternehmen. Doch wie können Projekte agil gemanagt werden? Eine Möglichkeit ist die Anwendung von Scrum. Was sich dahinter verbirgt und warum Rugby dabei eine wichtige Rolle spielt, klären wir ...

    Tags: Blogartikel, Projektmanagement, Agilität, Flexibilität, Komplexität, Produktentwicklung, Scrum, Selbstorganisation, Transparenz

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  • A Guide to Scrum and CMMI®: Improving Agile Performance with CMMI

    SUCCESSFUL ORGANIZATIONS NEED BOTH AGILITY AND STABILITYA Guide to Scrum and CMMI: Improving Agile Performance with Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) provides you with a roadmap to successfully adopt and implement CMMI and agile together. Agile organizations struggling with issues...

    Tags: Scrum, Agile, CMMI

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  • Video-Tipp: The Power of Scrum – die Projektmanagement-Methode auf witzige Weise erklärt! in the group Lean Six Sigma Deutschland

    Scrum hat sich im Projektmanagement-Alltag etabliert. Wir stellen Ihnen die Methode heute mal auf andere Weise vor – in einem witzigen Video! Schauen Sie rein und entdecken Sie die Vorteile von Scrum für Ihr Unternehmen! Original: http://www.management-circle.de/blog/video-tipp-the-...

    Tags: Blogartikel, Projektmanagement, Agilität, Aufgaben, Effizienz, Methoden, Projektteam, Rollen, Scrum, Scrum Master, Transparenz, Video

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  • How to get your team started with self organization

    Self organization is a highly recurrent topic when speaking about motivated and happy teams, and I’m a big fan of it. To some of us, it’s because of the sense of purpose, to others the cause of employee engagement and happiness. Whatever your reason is you will find something useful f...


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  • Where Did Agile Come From?

    Where Did Agile Come From? If you’re running a lean startup. or managing your business according to the Lean Six Sigma methodology, then you’ll probably have heard of the term ‘agile.’ An agile business is a company that responds quickly and effectively to both opportunit...

    Tags: Business, Innovation, Visual Management, Agile, agile business, agile manifesto, agile methodology, agile software development manifesto, agile values, leadership, lean six sigma, lean six sigma methodology, scrum, the agile alliance

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  • How experiments made me a Management 3.0 facilitator

    I started my professional career in 1997. I finished the polytechnic university and started my first job as a software developer. I loved it, talking to customers, analyzing their problems and, in the end, creating software to help them solving their problems. If it were up to me, I would be a so...

    Tags: #WhentoJump, Agile and lean principles, Management 3.0, agile principles, agile project management, agile scrum methodology, agile software development, experimentation at work, scrum, when to jump, whentojump

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  • How to spice up your meetings

    When I was young, there were these ads promising great abs with just a ten-minute workout per day… Today I’d like to show you how your meetings can be transformed by a 30-second meeting activity done twice, at the start and end of each meeting. But first… Could your meetings u...

    Tags: Agile and lean principles, Employee Engagement Exercises, 30-second meeting, better meetings, daily stand-ups, gamify meetings, happier meetings, How to be happy at work, how to have better meetings, how to run meetings better, scrum

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  • Agile’s answer to extremism and terrorism

    We are all, in part, to blame for the extremism that causes terrorism. Extremism most often happens to people without options. When we allow a generation to become hopeless, we make it easier for them to become vulnerable to false promises of a better life. Unemployment and underem...

    Tags: #WhentoJump, Agile and lean principles, agile software development, business agility, counter-terrorism, How to be happy at work, how to fight extremism, how to fight terrorism, lean startups, open source, scrum, when to jump, whentojump

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