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  • What is Throughput Accounting?

    Throughput Accounting (TA) can be understood as a simplified accounting system based on Theory of Constraints (ToC) principles. TA makes growth-driven management and decision making simpler and understandable even for people not familiar with traditional accounting. Beyond simplifying, TA has a d...

    Tags: Theory of Constraints, cost, inventory, Net Profit, Operating Expenses, ROI, Theory of constraints, Throughput, Throughput Accounting, throughput analysis

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  • 5 Begriffe aus der BWL, die Sie kennen sollten! in the group Lean Six Sigma Deutschland

    Werden Sie zur BWL-Queen! Damit Sie Ihren Chef bei betriebswirtschaftlichen Tätigkeiten unterstützen können, haben wir wichtige Begriffe aus der BWL kurz und verständlich für Sie formuliert. Original: http://www.management-circle.de/blog/5-begriffe-aus-der-bwl/ By: Mar...

    Tags: Blogartikel, Sekretariat & Assistenz, Betriebswirtschaftslehre, BWL, Cash Flow, EBIT, ROCE, ROI, ROS

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  • 7 Tips for Asking Your Boss for a Bigger Continuous Improvement Budget

      I don’t know about you guys, but I permanently have a wishlist a mile long of software and services that I wish I could have to maximize my time at work and do my job better. Balancing the list of things that I know would have a measurable impact on our company with the fact that I&...

    Tags: ROI

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  • How to Get Data You Can Actually Trust for the ROI of Improvement

      When we ask people about the ROI of their continuous improvement programs, literally almost no one knows. Most people track their impact of improvement in some way or another, but the data is slippery and often subjective to the extent that they're not willing to stand behind those number...

    Tags: ROI of KaiNexus, ROI

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  • Return on Invested Capital (ROIC), Everything You Need To Know

    Another important measure in business with regards to finances is Return on Investment Capital or (ROIC). ROIC is a ratio that measures the financial performance of operations. It is used to measure how successfully a company invests the money received from shareholders. In other words, it assess...

    Tags: Finance, ROI

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  • Datenverwendung in der Immobilienwirtschaft in the group Lean Six Sigma Deutschland

    InterfaceMA Gründer Andreas Angerer berichtet in diesem Interview, was das Ziel seines PropTechs ist, ab wann mit ROI gerechnet werden kann und was die Zukunft der Immobilienwirtschaft bringen wird. Original: http://www.management-circle.de/blog/datenverwendung-in-der-immobilienwirtschaft...

    Tags: Gastbeiträge, Immobilien, Daten, Datenverwendung, digitale Immobilienwirtschaft, ImmoTech, interfaceMA, PropTech, ROI

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  • Continuous Improvement: Prevent frustrations related to the S curve

    When implementing some solutions, like in continuous improvement, project managers better take care about the frustrations related to the S curve. S curve The “S curve” is the shape of the performance curve over time. It describes a latency (t1) before the performance p1 takes o...

    Tags: Lean Management, continuous improvement, inventory, kaizen, Little's law, ROI

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  • Discussing Teamwork and Measures on Agile for Humans

    Ryan Ripley interviewed me on his podcast, Agile for Humans 83 about Create Your Successful Agile Project. We had a blast. I didn’t stint on my opinions or on my experience with agile teams. One of those opinions was about teambuilding, which I wrote about in Creating an Environment o...

    Tags: agile, MPD, change, Create Your Successful Agile Project, earned value, metrics, podcast, ROI, value

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  • Companies Are Failing To Get Value From Innovation

    Innovation is something that everyone says they want to do, but it seems increasingly clear that this desire is often rather superficial.  For instance, recently I wrote about a new study from Harvard Business School showing that innovation is rarely a top priority for executives.  Inde...

    Tags: innovation, innovation excellence, Disruption, Management, R&D, Research, Innovation, research, ROI, Science

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  • 5 Compelling Reasons to Measure the Improvement Work

    Organizations that strive for continuous improvement outpace the competition, regardless of the types of products or services they offer. From retail and manufacturing to healthcare and construction, the intensity of effort dedicated to daily positive change in an organization is direc...

    Tags: ROI, Improvement Process

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