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  • Will Independent Contractors, Free Agents, and Freelancers Dominate the Marketplace?

    There is a valuable new book out on the market titled Free Agent: The Independent Professional's Roadmap to Self-Employment Success, and it addresses the seismic shift occurring with employer/employee relationships. Katy Tynan authored the book, and she believes that success in the changing marke...

    Tags: contractors, Elance, engaged employees, Free Agent: The Independent Professional's Roadmap to Self-Employment Success, Freelancer, Katy Tynan, productivity

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  • The Simple Leader!

    A few years ago I starting playing around with a book concept that described several personal and professional leadership methods and habits I had developed over my three decade career. I collected ideas, supporting information, and would occasionally – often on long plane trips – tak...

    Tags: Books, excellence, leadership, lean, productivity, simplicity, zen

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  • Lean Six Sigma Tools: What’s in Your Toolkit?

    Using a Wrench to Drive a Nail When you think about all of the Lean Six Sigma tools that are at your disposal, the question comes to mind …what’s in your toolkit? Getting a job done, whether simple or complex requires a certain know how and understanding of the mechanics requir...

    Tags: Lean Manager, Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma Tools, business, lean six sigma, lean six sigma tools, productivity, shmula.com

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  • Why Western Labor Productivity has been slowing since 2004

    SEEN FROM OTHERS – In a new series, we ask experts from outside our community to share thoughts on lean-related topics. This month we meet an economist with an interesting take on the West’s productivity slowdown and its link to learning. (...) Original: http://planet-lean.com/why...

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  • 5 Best Startup Books to Read in 2016

    Some of you dream of becoming your own boss. But can you really appreciate and understand what it takes to run your own business if you’ve never done it before? It takes a special drive, desire and focus to keep propelling yourself forward. You can’t let the punches knock you d...

    Tags: Featured, Project Management, Start-ups, productivity, startup

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  • The Value of Defining Context

    The most important stage of problem-solving in organizations is often one of the earliest: getting everyone on the same page by defining the concepts, processes, and desired outcomes that are central to understanding the problem and formulating a solution. (“Everyone” can be the ...

    Tags: Quality Systems, Technology Management, innovation, quality, Random Thoughts, technology, continuous improvement, competitiveness, management, productivity, value, education

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  • Innovation Tips for Strategic Planning

      Over the past 15 years, I’ve helped several organizations with continuous improvement initiatives at the strategic, executive level. There are a lot of themes that keep appearing and reappearing, so the purpose of this post is to call out just a few and provide some insights in how ...

    Tags: competitiveness, Education, innovation, quality, Quality Systems, Technology Management, analytics, impact, impact metrics, increasing innovation, LinkedIn, management, management improvement carnival, Measurement, metrics, productivity, value

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  • Where is Quality Management Headed?

      [This post is in response to ASQ’s February topic for the Influential Voices group, which asks: Where do you plan to take your career in 2016? What’s your view of careers in quality today—what challenges is this field facing? How can someone starting out in quality ...

    Tags: competitiveness, innovation, JIT/Manufacturing, quality, Quality Systems, Technology Management, ASQ, cyber-physical systems, economics, economy, management, productivity, Sustainability, technology

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  • How to Drastically Increase Productivity and Your Capacity Right Now

    It’s not a trick, a gimmick or a quick fix recipe. It’s a way of thinking, a mindset; some would go as far as saying it’s a way of being. The revolutionary nature of Goldratt’s approach to Project Management often gets lost. In this post, we look at just one of the crucia...

    Tags: productivity, Capacity Constraint Resources

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  • GA 125 | How to Introduce Lean with Dalton Prather – Gemba Academy Today’s guest is Dalton Prather, a Lean Coordinator who is...

    GA 125 | How to Introduce Lean with Dalton Prather – Gemba Academy Today’s guest is Dalton Prather, a Lean Coordinator who is at the beginning of his continuous improvement journey. Dalton shared his approach to introducing lean, his goals for the future, and more. An MP3 version...

    Tags: Leadership, Lean, Podcast, productivity

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