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  • How Six Sigma Can Help Improve Big Pharma

    While the implementation of Six Sigma has become prevalent across many different industries, pharmaceuticals is one where there has been little adoption of the methodology. That’s a missed opportunity for the industry, according to a recently published paper in the International Journal of...

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  • Why Robotic Process Automation Works with Process Improvement

    When it comes to process improvement, humans provide the most essential element. However, experts say that automation will play a significant role in making operations more efficient in the future – and in some cases, it’s already in place. Will automation take jobs handled by people?...

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  • Remembering Joseph Juran And His Lasting Impact on Quality Improvement

    “Without a standard there is no logical basis for making a decision or taking action.” – Joseph Juran Ten years ago today, quality improvement lost one of its most important pioneers. Joseph Juran, the famed author and quality improvement expert, died February 28, 2008. At the...

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