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  • Определение первопричины проблемы вместе с 5 Why (Why Why) in the group Lean Six Sigma Russia

    Большинство слышало и использовало 5 Why для определения первопричины. Однако не все всегда помнят что 5 Why инструмент должен оставатьс lean.   Если вы работали с 5 Why, вы несомненно заметили, что зачастую много времени уходит на то чтобы фразы звучали правильно. С точки зрения Lean мето...

    Tags: 5 Why, Problem solving, 5 почему, решение проблем

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  • How many ‘whys’ to get to root cause?

    Made popular by Toyota as a part of their manufacturing methodology the “5 whys” approach is perhaps one of the most well-known root cause analysis techniques. The technique is simple and easy for most people to understand, the question often asked is: “how many whys does it rea...

    Tags: Problem solving, root cause analysis

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  • Do You Practice Routine Personal Development?

    Once we learn lean we often start seeing it everywhere, even in places we might least expect it. In this instance, Katie Anderson saw a connection to personal A3 thinking -- in a musician talking about how he practices the trumpet. Read more. Original: https://www.lean.org/lp/776 By: Kat...

    Tags: A3 Thinking, lean and society, Problem solving

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  • Ask Art: How Are Lean Teams Different?

    The way that most people think about teamwork is quite different than the type of teamwork required for lean to succeed. For example, if I asked if you functioned as a team, you would probably tell me yes, we do. But if I dug in a little deeper and asked what that meant, you would probably say th...

    Tags: culture, lean leadership, Problem solving

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  • Problem Solving in Crisis Management

    You may not be able to predict when a crisis will occur but that should not prevent you from planning ahead and ensuring your organization is prepared for any crisis when it hits. However, each crisis is unique and requires you have effective problem-solving skills to handle it efficiently. ...

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  • What does “daily problem solving” really look like in practice?

    Dear Gemba Coach,I hear the phrase “daily problem solving” a lot. But what does it really mean in practice and how does it work? Original: http://www.lean.org/e/?b=3249by: Michael BalléPosted: July 11, 2016, 2:00 am

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  • Are You Working on the Right Problem?

    Make sure you are working on the actual problem, not just a symptom – fix the shoes, not the sore foot! (...) Original: http://www.kepner-tregoe.com/blog/are-you-working-on-the-right-problem/by: Michael Forster, Kepner-TregoePosted: June 2, 2016, 6:00 am

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  • Happiness is a choice – focus on root cause analysis, it will solve your issues

    Happiness and root cause analysis—why systematic thinking is the right choice for fast, efficient IT problem solving (...) Original: http://www.kepner-tregoe.com/blog/happiness-is-a-choice-focus-on-root-cause-analysis-it-will-solve-your-issues/by: Martine JoostenPosted: May 4, 2016...

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  • 2016 Lean Management Conference Wroklaw Poland

    Here are copies of the four presentations I presented earlier this month at the 2016 Lean Management Conference in Wroklaw Poland. Over 450 people attended the conference and the feedback was quite positive. I delivered the opening keynote presentation on Leadership Shaping Principles in addition...

    Tags: leadership, kaizen, toyota production system, Problem solving

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  • It’s About the Tools, Not the Terms

    "I’ve never been a big fan of lean lingo," says John McCullough of Crayola. "It may sound expert-like, but I’ve always found its use to do more harm than good." Read more to learn John's experiences with the pitfalls of lean lingo and what his preferred approach is now. (...) Orig...

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