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    Dear Community member, just to introduce this argument I start to give you a short overview of both cycles.  PDCA PLAN Establish the objectives and processes necessary to deliver results in accordance with the expected output (the target or goals). By establishing output expec...

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  • How sustain a Lean Culture

    Look to your people, the best resource you have. These people touch every part of daily operations through a process called managing by DAILY improvement. When a Lean culture is truly developed in a company, and old behavior, habits, and ways of working are modified, people become process improve...

    Tags: Lean Culture, Lean Management, kaizen, Standard work, PDCA, DMAIC

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  • The Second Edition of “The Complete Lean Enterprise: Value Stream Mapping for Office and Services” -- Why Is It Needed?

    It has been 10 years since the publication of the award-winning, best-selling book called The Complete Lean Enterprise: Value Stream Mapping for Office and Services. This book brought value stream mapping and Lean thinking out of the factory and into office and service environments in all industr...

    Tags: Beau Keyte, Drew Locher, lean office, lean service, PDCA, The Complete Lean Enterprise, value stream mapping

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  • The Lean IT Transformation -- Is There a Roadmap?

    During the past few years, many books have been published addressing the advantages of deploying Lean continuous improvement in IT operations. In addition, there are many books on DevOps, Agile software development, Lean project management, Lean startup, continuous deployment, and IT Service Mana...

    Tags: information technology, Lean IT, Mike Orzen, PDCA, standard work, Steven Bell, Thomas Paider, visual management

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  • Combining Statistical Design and Statistical Control -- Can it Work?

    Kieron Dey recently published a book titled Competitive Innovation and Improvement: Statistical Design and Control, which explains how to combine two widely known statistical methods — statistical design and statistical control — in a manner that can solve any business, government, or...

    Tags: Competitive Innovation and Improvement, DMAIC, Kieron Dey, PDCA, simultaneous design, six sigma, SPC, statistical control, statistical design, statistical process control, surevey sampling

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  • Japan Gemba visits: Lean in hospitals and manufacturing – a preview of recent site visits

    It’s been a busy few weeks for me filled with great learning and travel! But all of this “doing” also means that I haven’t been [...] Original: http://kbjanderson.com/japan-gemba-visits-lean-in-hospitals-and-manufacturing-a-preview-of-recent-site-visits/ By: Katie Ander...

    Tags: Gemba/Site visit, Lean, hospital, Isao Yoshino, kaizen, PDCA, St. Luke's, travel

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  • The Improvement Kata: Next Step and Expected Result

    In the Improvement Kata sometimes it helps to think about the outcome desired and then the step required to accomplish it. A couple of months ago, I gave a tip I’ve learned for helping a coach vet an obstacle. Another issue I come across frequently is a weak link between the “Next S...

    Tags: PDCA, People Development, Toyota Kata, Uncategorized

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  • Toyota Kata: Is That Really an Obstacle?

    “What obstacles do you think are preventing you from reaching the target condition?” When the coach asks that question, she is curious about what the learner / improver believes are the unresolved issues, sources of variation, problems, etc. that are preventing the process from opera...

    Tags: PDCA, People Development, Problem Solving, Toyota Kata

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  • Toyota Kata: Don’t Change The Target Condition Date

    A target condition has three main elements: An achieve-by date. A level of performance that will be achieved. The operational process that will be in place. The details of the #2 and #3 can take a number of forms, but today I want to talk about the achieve-by date. Keep the time horizon ...

    Tags: Kaizen, PDCA, People Development, Toyota Kata

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  • Toyota Kata and Hoshin Kanri

    Jeff asked an interesting question in a comment to the post Often Skipped: Understand the Challenge and Direction: [Hoshin Kanri] seems to suggest I reach long term objectives (vision) through short term initiatives/projects as if I can (should?) know the steps. [Toyota Kata] sa...

    Tags: Consistency, PDCA, Toyota Kata, Hoshin

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