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  • Dr. Henri Suissa, LSSMBB

    “Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence”- Vince Lombardi

    Dr. Suissa is a retired therapist, healthcare, business and security consultant. He is trained in Strategic HR, Reid, Behavioral and Analytical Interviewing; Security, Compliance, Operations, Legal, and Lean Six Sigma and Change Management. Recipient of multiple awards for outstanding performance, and professionalism for serving his Nation and Community. He is Fluent in written and spoken SPANISH, FRENCH and ENGLISH. Dr. Suissa is committed to lifelong learning which is supported with multiple educational degrees and certifications. 

    Dr. Suissa retired as a Senior Executive Leader, Veteran Advocate and United States Army, Decorated Combat Disabled Veteran with 29 years of professionalism in the US Army, Law Enforcement, Department of Defense, Department of Veteran Affairs and Civilian Sectors. 

    Retired as a passionate motivational speaker and coach who can seamlessly transform your organization to becoming Veteran and People Centered, professional and produce a highly motivated and interconnected work force. With his interviewing and interrogating skills, ability to navigate sensitive personnel issues and skillful understanding of non-verbal behavior, he has an eye for selecting human capitol and building high performing teams. 

    Dr. Suissa is a 3rd degree Black Belt in Taekwondo (WTF), 1st Degree Black Belt in Kenpo Karate, Boxer and skilled MMA fighter. An expert in preparing and disarming the active shooter, increasing company security, self-defense, dignity protection and completing risk assessments.

    Dr. Suissa feels blessed and is enjoying his retirement with his beautiful spouse of 15 years!

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  • Mauricio Enrique Ibarra Echeverría

  • Alberto Gil Gonzalez

  • Venanzio Figliolino

    Process Excellence Lead & Founder of Lean Six Sigma Community

    Management engineer with 15+ years of experiences in multinational companies, employed in different roles but with common goals: Continuos Improvement, processes standardization & optimization.

    I'm trainer and consultant about Lean & Six Sigma methodologies, I love to help organizations to improve their performances in terms of times/costs/defects/spaces reductions.

    I founded Lean Six Sigma University & Community, two synergic projects developed for creating a common place where learn and divulgate knowledges about Lean and Six Sigma methodologies applied to different ambits.

    The application of Lean & Six Sigma methods are not simply methods learned and applied, it is a cultural change.

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