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  • A Different Perspective on Culture Change – Part II

    Editor’s Note:  You can read Dr. Ted Marra’s Part I of A Different Perspective on Culture Change here. * * * * For those readers of Part I and possibly some new readers as well, I hope that this article continues to add value and provide a different perspective – one throug...

    Tags: Organization, Change, & HR, Change Management, culture, organizational change

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  • The Journey from the Age of the Tool to the Present (Part 3)

    Editor’s Note:  The Journey from the Age of the Tool to the Present is a 7-part series, tracing the journey humanity has taken from 2500 BC to modern times on the progress of Human Resources.  This is a very comprehensive narrative that touches upon numero...

    Tags: Organization, Change, & HR, human resources

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  • How Technology Helps You Deliver Better Customer Service

    For many companies, improvements in technology over the past few decades haven’t improved their customer service. In 1976, a White House study found that only 23 percent of customers were completely satisfied with companies’ solutions to their problems, while 44 percent said that solu...

    Tags: Information Technology, Organization, Change, & HR, cloud contact center, customer service, social media

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  • The Life and Times of a Change Manager (Part 3d)

    Editor’s Note:  Ron Leeman is a world-recognized Change Manager and author of several Change, Process, and Project training guides on Flevy.   He has decided to write a series of articles that chronicle his personal “change” journey.  This is the second ...

    Tags: Organization, Change, & HR, change leader, Change Management

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  • The Natural Evolution of Things (Part 1)

    Editor’s Note: The Natural Evolution of Things is an in-depth is a 5-part series that describes 13 the catalysts of Organizational Change and Competitiveness, based on the theme of Michael Porter’s Five Forces. To read the full series, take a look at the author’s profile pa...

    Tags: Organization, Change, & HR, organizational change, Porter's Five Forces

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  • The Best Ways to Mitigate Change Resistance

    Organizations must deal with new government regulations, new products, growth, increased competition, technological developments, and a changing workforce—which all force change.  Change is pervasive and inevitable to the growth and survival of an organization. To quote one of the most...

    Tags: Organization, Change, & HR, 6 Change Approaches, Change Management, Change Resistance, John Kotter, Leonard Schlesinger

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  • Redefining the Imperative in Mergers and Acquisitions – The Target Operating Model

    When organizations go into Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), its future operating state changes. A fundamental question will arise as to what the Target Operating Model (TOM) of the resultant organization will look like. What is TOM? The Target Operating Model (TOM) represents a clearly defin...

    Tags: Operations & Supply Chain, Organization, Change, & HR, Strategy, Marketing, & Sales, 6 Core Issues, Mergers & Acquisitions, Target Operating Model or TOM, TOM

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  • Need to Have High-Performing Teams? Master the Stages of Team Development

    Forming a team takes time. Companies cannot expect a new team to perform well when it first comes together. Members often go through stages as they change from being a collection of strangers to a united group with common goals. “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress....

    Tags: Management & Leadership, Organization, Change, & HR, Adjournment, Forming-Storming-Norming-Performing Model, Stages of Team Development, Team formation

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  • Following The 10 Steps to Effective Succession Planning

    Effective Succession Planning in Family Business has been redefined in the 21st century. The Family Business sector continues to be vibrant, successful, and ambitious. This, despite tough economic conditions and accelerating pace of change.  Family firms are vital to all economies.  It ...

    Tags: Management & Leadership, Organization, Change, & HR, Effective Succession into Leadership, Effective Succession into Ownership, Effective Succession Planning, Succession Planning

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  • What Ants Have to Teach Us?

    “All the best work is done the way that ants do things–by tiny but untiring and regular additions.” Lafcadio Hearn Ants may not be a subject of great interest of many of you. Others may look at them as simple insects that need to be squeezed and eliminated. But the truth is that...

    Tags: Organization, Change, & HR, personal development, teamwork

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