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  • Why Are My Employees Running in Six Different Directions?

    As an entrepreneur, or a high-level manager, you might not recognize how workflow management plays a part in the daily work life of most employees. Naturally, at the executive level especially, running in six different directions while your email pings and your phone buzzes is just a typical day ...

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  • Is your Ops ready for DevOps?

    Is your Ops ready for DevOps? Before removing barriers between Dev and Ops, eliminate the silos of Incident Management, Problem Management and Change Management  (...) Original: http://www.kepner-tregoe.com/blog/is-your-ops-ready-for-devops/by: Christoph Goldenstern, Kepner-TregoePosted:...

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  • Organizing For Success: Design Does Matter

    Breaking Old Habits Organizing for success with Lean is a interesting proposition. The fact is, most organizational designs are poorly thought out and disappointedly implemented. Lean practices and tools lead us down the path of organization through process design vs. reorganization. Our focus t...

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  • Lean Six Sigma Teams: Finding the Right Size

    One Size Fits All? Sometimes there is a misconception with Lean Six Sigma Teams that the more ‘brains’ involved, the better the results. This can especially become a trend when the problems are more detail oriented or complex. Leaders will immediately direct the maximum amount of bra...

    Tags: Business, Leadership, Operations Management, Six Sigma, lean six sigma, lean six sigma teams, quality, shmula.com, success

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  • Veterans: Lean Six Sigma Seeking Your Skills

    Experience Counts Veterans, your experience counts! In the professional world, the attributes you bring to the table are exactly what organizations are seeking. That is especially true in the practice of Six Sigma and Lean methodologies. Some will ask though, just what does a veteran bring to ...

    Tags: Business, General, Leadership, Operations Management, Service Operations, Six Sigma, lean, military, veterans

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  • Six Sigma Benefits: These 6 Are A Bonus!

    Understanding The Reach Are there hidden Six Sigma Benefits in your program? Most people understand that Six Sigma is a management methodology which allows companies to use data to eliminate defects in any process. For a process to have achieved Six Sigma benefits, a process must not produc...

    Tags: Leadership, Operations Management, Six Sigma, management, six sigma benefits

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  • 5S Program: A Quality Tool or Good Housekeeping?

    What Is Really Going On? Do you have an effective 5S program or a great housekeeping model? You maybe just going through the motions. For some, a lack of understanding of what a 5S program should be relegates the process to a very effective housekeeping program for the organization with embracin...

    Tags: Lean Manufacturing, Operations Management, Six Sigma, 5S program, lean, quality, shmula.com

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  • Lean Leadership: 5 Secrets to Success

    Creating an Environment of Success Lean leadership is a valuable but sometimes elusive quality in managers. Yes, managers and leaders can completely miss having the necessary skills and still maintain their positions. Some develop these skills through experience and education, but still miss tha...

    Tags: Corporate Turnaround, Gemba, Leadership, Lean Manager, Operations Management, building leaders, business, business leadership, leadership development, lean leadership

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  • Online Certifications: Trends Move Away From The Traditional

      Online certifications are making new inroads. For decades, it has been an accepted principle that if you want a solid professional career, you must obtain a four year degree. This has been a minimum requirement for most employment. This has included performing well in high school, then me...

    Tags: Business, General, Lean Manager, Operations Management, Service Operations, Six Sigma, certifications, lean, lean six sigma, online certifications, online education, online training

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  • Spaghetti Diagram: Eliminating the Redundancies of Flow

      Untangling the twists and turns of workflow in a process can be frustrating. Have you ever tried to visualize the flow of a process, from start to finish? In most organizations, it can be convoluted and complex. The goal, of course, of any workflow, it to try and use the most direct flow ...

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