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  • Emergence: The Future of Operational Excellence

    The business landscape has changed dramatically over the past decade. Digital technology has had wide reaching consequences in enabling new ways of working and driving changing business models.  The demographics of both customers and employees have also shifted enormously, opening up new ...

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  • Web, Mobile Application and Process Improvement Tools

    Explore the world of business process improvement tools at www.bonplc.com    We also render web and mobile application services. Take a look at www.bongroup.org and www.b-on.in 

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  • PEX Network Annual Report 2017: Global state of process excellence

    The PEX Network surveyed over 800 process improvement and operational excellence professionals, as part of the largest global survey into the state of process excellence. In this exclusive report, we reveal the key trends highlighted by the “2017 biennial PEX Network state of the industry p...

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  • Critical Chain Project Management alone is not enough

    Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) alone is not enough to drastically reduce a project’s duration and improve the development process efficiency. CCPM is a proven Project Management approach to ensure a project, any project, will meet its finishing date without compromising quality no...

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  • Performance improvement: simple things can earn big results

    Silly things can cost a lot in terms of productivity and output.  In this video interview, Philip Marris  asks me about lessons learnt while helping a pharmaceutical plant to improve productivity and deliver drugs to patients faster. It is about how simple actions solve t...

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  • French Fries and the Culture Imperative

    “Culture isn’t just on aspect of the game – it is the game. In the end, an organization is nothing more than the collective capacity of its people to create value.” Lou Gerstner Jr. – IBM. These days it is a little bit embarrassing to admit that I ...

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  • 5 Operational Excellence / Transformative Strategies for Insurers

    The insurance market has been under pressure to transform for many years now. While the competitive landscape is experiencing significant shifts and technology continues to disrupt the market, insurers also have lots of opportunities to respond, adopt change, transform their services, and become ...

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  • OPEX Open House

    Operational Excellence Healthcare Open House 2016 In 2016, issues in the healthcare industry such as rising costs, supply and demand, and patient care are at an all-time high, and now more than ever healthcare professionals are looking for workflow based management solutions to common problems. ...

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  • Why No One Talks About TPM Anymore?

    Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) was a big thing in the late 1980s, got lot of attention, tried to go from “maintenance” to “management” and finally faded out into oblivion. This analysis is my own, you may respond in comments. Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) origin...

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  • Operational Excellence in Silicon Valley - A Glimpse of the Future

    Ahead of the Business Performance Excellence USA conference taking place from September 26 -28, 2016, PEX Network columnist Ian Gotts, takes a closer look at rise of Operational Excellence in Silicon Valley and what's next for Operational Excellence 2.0. I spent 15 years building Nimbus, a proces...

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