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  • Clinical Trial Managers Seek Unification, Streamlining of Software Apps

    The increased interest in process improvement that has swept across so many industries has now reached the area of clinical trials. In a recent survey, nearly all respondents said there is an industry-wide need to unify clinical operations. This would address one of the biggest challenges facing...

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  • Manufacturing Engineers Use Lean and Six Sigma to Achieve Success

    As more industries implement Lean and Six Sigma to improve efficiency and effectiveness, another trend has emerged. Young workers are learning the methodologies in bigger numbers. Manufacturing Engineering’s 2018 Class of 30 Under 30 provides the latest example. The list contains many young...

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  • You’re Not Out of Order! Applying Lean Six Sigma To Law Firms

    For some people, it doesn’t seem possible that Lean Six Sigma can help them in their profession. In manufacturing, sure, or technology or healthcare, but not every industry. As it turns out, however, Six Sigma actually can help make improvements in just about every line of business. That i...

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  • Air Force Makes Engine Maintenance More Efficient Through Process Improvement

    The wave of process improvement measures across the U.S. military has continued, with the U.S. Air Force recently announcing its latest successes in this area. Moody Air Force Base in Georgia reported that changes in how personnel at the base approach maintenance and repairs to the TF-34 engines...

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  • How Six Sigma Can Improve New York’s Public Transit Problem

    Inefficiency is expensive. Just ask the city of New York. The city’s subway system isn’t known for a glowing on-time reputation, and after a study conducted by New York City’s Independent Budget Office (IBO), we know exactly how much money those transit delays cost every year. ...

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  • VIDEO: Villanova University Online Releases New Six Sigma Classrooms

    The Six Sigma methodology has remained unchanged since its inception. While Six Sigma concepts remain the same, Villanova University Online (villanovau.com) understands that the delivery of the information should evolve with current technology. Villanova, a recognized leader in Six Si...

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  • Ohio Nonprofits Reap Benefits of Six Sigma Training

    If there was ever a group that could benefit from the principles of Lean and Six Sigma, it would be the nonprofits. It’s not that they have more waste and inefficiencies than the private sector. But they tend to have fewer resources to help them to address the issue. What makes a differenc...

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  • IndustryWeek ‘Best Plants’ Awards: 25 Years of Continuous Improvement

    Applied Technical Services’ (ATS) story characterizes what makes a winner of IndustryWeek magazine’s prestigious “Best Plants” awards. In just two years, Applied Technical Services (ATS) has gone from a plant whose operations have been described as “chaotic” t...

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  • Six Sigma Practices Improve Dispatch Times for Medical Reports

    A medical center in Amsterdam, concerned over the failure to consistently dispatch medical reports in a timely manner, utilized a Lean Six Sigma (LSS) initiative to study the underlying problems and design a cure. The upshot was a dramatic turnaround in the dispatch of patient reports from the G...

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  • Lean Six Sigma To Be Used in VA Health Care System Revitalization

    At a recent National Press Club luncheon, Veterans Secretary Robert A. McDonald affirmed his plans for advancing the VA health care system using Lean Six Sigma. “We started training leaders on Lean Six Sigma last month. By December 2016, we intend to have 10 percent of leaders trained,&rdqu...

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