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  • Taiichi Ohno: Contributions to Process Improvement

    Taiichi Ohno, popularly known as the pioneer of the Toyota Production System was born in Dalian, China in 1912. He graduated from the Nagoya Technical High School in Japan and joined Toyoda Spinning in 1932. He joined the Toyota Motor Company as a shop-floor supervisor in the year 1943 and rose ...

    Tags: Six Sigma, elimination of waste, injection of quality, jidoka, JIT, lean manufacturing, Muda, pioneer of toyota production system, process improvement, six sigma, toyota production system, tps

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  • Can we accept Mura, Muri, Muda in a zero growth world?

    The jury is in: economic growth is a thing of the past, as shown here by Dambisa Moyo and Olivier Scalabre, and our economies continue to underperform. Truth is, economic growth throughout the XXth century has been based on 1) exploiting captured resources without concern for externalities and 2...

    Tags: lean manufacturing, muda, muri, mura

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  • Do Misconceptions About Lean Cause Many Initiatives to Fail?

    At conferences, in magazine articles, and in books, we often hear of the benefits that Lean initiatives provide to organizations' efficiency and general workplace culture, but the failure rates are never comprehensively analyzed. In August, Cordell Hensley published an interesting new book, Lean ...

    Tags: Cordell Hensley, lean initiatives, Lean Misconceptions, muda, mura, muri, organizational change, organizational culture, process capability

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  • Lean in the Public Sector -- What are the Distinct Challenges?

    This past November, Kate McGovern published a new book entitled A Public-Sector Journey to Lean: Fighting Muda in Times of Muri, which documents the author's Lean journey based on her experiences at the New Hampshire Bureau of Education and Training. During a recent conversation with Kate, ...

    Tags: A Public-Sector Journey to Lean, A3 reports, gemba, kaizen, Kate McGovern, lean government, muda, mura, muri, SIPOC

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