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  • Toyota Kata – Mike Rother in the group Lean Six Sigma Deutschland

    Die Toyota Kata ist eine Ansatz zur strukturierten Umsetzung von Lean Gedanken. Anbei eine Stoffsammlung zur Toyota Kata und ihrem Begründer Mike Rother. Die Seite von Mike Rother als Basis für alle Unterlagen zur Toyota KATA http://www-personal.umich.edu/~mrother/Homepage.html Die Toyo...

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  • Content Follows Form or Acting Your Way to New Thinking

    By walking, I found out where I was goingIrving Layton Acting your way to new thinking is easier than the other way round. (Tip of the hat to my colleague Mike Rother.)That’s why Politeness is called the door to the Great Virtues – (another tip of the hat, this time to Andre Comte-...

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  • What organizations are using Kata?

    When it comes to a healthy workplace, it is safe to say that organization and careful planning are two of the key factors that go into making sure the business is set up for success. If there is no organization, things start to fall through, communication breaks down, and before you know it, ever...

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