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  • [VIDEO] A Glimpse Into the Future of Manufacturing

    Elon Musk is the co-founder, CEO and Product Architect at Tesla, overseeing all product development, engineering, and design of the company’s electric vehicles, battery products, and solar roofs. His unique expertise lends to some very interesting views on the future of manufacturing ...

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  • OEE Is the KPI You Need

    Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is a KPI which has become the gold standard in manufacturing to measure and monitor the effectiveness of operating production and packaging machines and lines. Because manufacturing is a complex and costly process, absolute efficiency is crucial to ...

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  • Lean Leadership and the Competitive Edge in Manufacturing

    “Men stumble over the truth from time to time, but most pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing happened.”  ~Sir Winston Churchill There has been much made about America losing its competitive edge in manufacturing overseas. Depending on who you ask, you will hear a ...

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  • [TED Talk] The Next Manufacturing Revolution

    The US has been facing a loss of its manufacturing edge over the past few decades to other global manufacturers. The fact is that automation and innovation will be the key to success in manufacturing in the future. Finding a way to match that innovation with a skilled workforce will be the r...

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  • [VIDEO] Heijunka Brings Customer Demand In Line

    Heijunka is the Japanese term for leveling. It is a technique for reducing unevenness (Mura) which in turn reduces waste (Muda). It is crucial to the development of production efficiency in Lean manufacturing. The goal is to produce goods at a constant rate so that further processing ma...

    Tags: Customer Experience, Innovation, Leadership, Lean Manufacturing, Operations Management, The Lean Startup, heijunka, lean, manufacturing, profitability, quality, six sigma

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  • Heijunka Leveling Production Over Time

    After value streams have been solidified and embedded, Heijunka is a crucial process implementation in every successful lean organization. Heijunka quickly and elegantly helps organizations meet demands while reducing waste. By definition, it means ‘leveling’ and enables production to...


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  • [VIDEO] The Challenges of Demand Management

    The function of recognizing all demands for goods and services to support the marketplace. It involves prioritizing demand when supply is lacking. Proper Demand Management facilitates the planning and use of resources for profitable business results. Enjoy this educational video on Demand Manage...

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  • Demand Management Creates a Balance Between Supply and Demand

    Demand Management allows an organization to create a more efficient supply chain.  The best way to create efficiency is through transparency and simplicity. From the largest to the smallest, organizations must ensure that all suppliers and players are completely transparent. By determining...

    Tags: Customer Experience, demand management, Leadership, Lean Manufacturing, The Lean Startup, efficiency, lean manufacturing methodology, lean manufacturing tools, lean six sigma, manufacturing, quality

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  • Taguchi Methods and How They Apply to Manufacturing

    The Taguchi methods can be seen in many industries nowadays, and they’ve become an integral part of the optimization strategies of many companies. And yet, despite the fact that they tend to be so popular in a diverse range of fields – including even areas like biotech – it&rsq...

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  • Innovation Isn’t About Control, But Access

    Completed in 1928, Henry Ford’s River Rouge plant was a marvel of its age. It was almost 100% vertically integrated, even producing its own steel and by the 1930s over 100,000 employees worked there, producing nearly every component for the cars that Ford built. It was, at the time, conside...

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