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  • Tetra Pak Innovates With New Technology

    Seeking to improve efficiencies for their ice cream producer customers, global packaging and processing company Tetra Pak has just launched a new ice cream cutter, which will ultimately allow producers to increase outputs without impacting efficiency. A little bit about Tetra Pak: founded i...

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  • The 3 Levels of Customer Needs in the Kano Model

    The Kano model, named after its creator Noriaki Kano, aims to standardize the way companies see the needs of their customers, and is a great tool in resolving one of the most common problems that arise in modern organizations – misunderstood requirements. Like many other methodologies relat...

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  • [VIDEO] Building the Boeing 787 Dreamliner

    The Boeing 787 is reinventing the way we imagine air travel. This aircraft is setting the standard in both range and performance, enabling airlines to expand routes and improve capabilities in existing routes. Passengers will experience greater comfort during their flight due to b...


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  • Implementing SMED Within the IT Industry

    Single-minute exchange of dies – or SMED – is a methodology traditionally associated with physical production facilities, which can allow companies to reduce the time it takes to produce certain components of their final product by swapping them across workstations more efficiently. ...

    Tags: Business, application of smed, implementation of smed, it industry, manufacturing, methodology, SMED

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  • [Sponsored Post] Warehouse and Distribution Center Best Practices

    Sponsored post on behalf of Michigan State University Online Distribution centers are the rock of the supply chain. Evolving from warehouses and throughput centers, distribution centers are driven by technology and focus on relationships with suppliers and customers. They provide transportat...

    Tags: Business Management, Leadership, Methodology, lean manufacturing, lean six sigma supply chain, manufacturing, supply chain, supply chain management

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  • [VIDEO] Lean Manufacturing and Respecting People For Success

    It is all about the people. You can have all the tools, principles and practices of lean and lean manufacturing down pat, but you are finding success elusive! Your most valuable asset is the people of your organization and they have to be placed as your first priority. Lean and lean manufacturing...

    Tags: Corporate Turnaround, Customer Experience, Leadership, Lean Manager, Lean Manufacturing, Service Operations, The Lean Startup, constant improvement, culture change, employee satisfaction, lean, manufacturing, quality

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  • Lean Implementation Requires Determination

    On paper, lean implementation looks pretty simple. In reality, it will be one of the most challenging things your organization will take on. Implementing lean processes and practices require determination and commitment. It requires commitments by leadership of time and financial resources, along...

    Tags: Green Manufacturing, Innovation, Leadership, Lean Manager, Lean Manufacturing, The Lean Startup, agile manufacturing, applying lean methodologies, lean, lean implementation, lean startup, manufacturing

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  • Waste Reduction and Muda, Mura and Muri

    Most definitions of lean manufacturing refer to the reduction of the Muda (7 wastes) as the main focus. Few definitions of lean differentiate between the different types of waste and seem to purely focus on Muda. The Toyota Production System (TPS) sees waste as being three — Muda, Mura and ...

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  • The Department of Energy is Helping to Create a New Future in Manufacturing

    In the recession that followed the dotcom crash in 2000, the United States lost 5 million manufacturing jobs and, while there has been an uptick in recent years, all indications are that they are never coming back. Manufacturing, perhaps more than any other sector, relies on deep networks of skil...

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  • The Best of Shmula

    We are proud provide you a recap of five of our most recent blogs for your enjoyment and reference. Please do not forget to dive into the archives from time to time and catch up on reading you may have missed! Using Regression Analysis to Improve Cause and Effect Analysis Understanding the Chang...

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