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  • Why would I learn to think (logically)?

    Most people are convinced of their ability to think logically and don’t see the point of getting a specific training like the Logical Thinking Process  training course. Indeed, in some extend most of the people have an innate basic logical thinking way, otherwise our world would be pr...

    Tags: Thinking Processes, cause-and-effect, Logical Thinking Process, Long arrow, Negative Branch Reservation, Undesirable Effect

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  • Industry 4.0 promoter’s flaw of logic and Categories of Legitimate Reservation

    Promoters of any solution or change agents of are usually in love with the object of their promotion. Love is said to be blind and oblivious of any negative aspect of the loved thing. That is why so often promoters of change highlight all the benefits of the change, regardless of any Un...

    Tags: Thinking Processes, Categories of Legitimate Reservations, Logical Thinking Process, Long arrow

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  • The Logical Long Arrow explained in a video tutorial

    Take care of your employees, and they’ll take care of your business. This quote from the founder of the Virgin Group, Sir Richard Branson, can be taken as an undisputable advice of a successful businessman, or with a more critical and scrutinizing approach, like Logical Thinking Process pra...

    Tags: Logical Thinking Process, Long arrow, Necessary Conditions, Sir Richard Branson

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  • Hone Your Critical Thinking Skills – Step by step tutorial

    Industry 4.0 enthusiasts are usually passionate promoters but terrible logical thinkers. That’s happy for me because they keep supplying me with critical thinking training material, like this quote I used in my video tutorial. The quote goes: “Industry 4.0 provides real-time data anal...

    Tags: Logical Thinking Process, cause-and-effect, Critical Thinking, Industry 4.0, Long arrow, sufficiency

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