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  • Lean Hospitality in the group Lean Six Sigma Hospitality

    1. Introduction The effects of the recent economic and financial crisis now has also reached the hospitality and tourism industry. The branch that until a few years ago was used to report continuous growth today has to deal with new challenges. For the great majority of the companies from ...

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  • E6D METHODS: Premier resource for training, coaching, consulting, and leadership.

    Mission: To help process managers be their best. E6S Industries strives to be the premier resource for expert training, coaching, consulting, and leadership in lean, six sigma, design thinking, and other continuous improvement methodologies.   We are dedicated to finding and shari...

    Tags: lean six sigma, project management, quality, business process, BPM, continuous improvement, lean design thinking, strategy and innovation, Lean, Six Sigma, Busibesa process, Continuos Improvement, Lean design, Lean thinking

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  • Lean Thinking - Settore alberghiero 2a Parte in the group Lean Six Sigma Hospitality

    Ciao a tutti, in questo post cercheremo di addentrarci maggiormente su come gli approcci Lean e Sei Sigma possono risultare applicabili al settore Alberghiero. Per poter affermare che i metodi siano applicabili o meno li valuteremo secondo 4 criteri: Criterio 1: Sforzo e costi di attuazione: I...

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  • Critical Chain Project Management alone is not enough

    Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) alone is not enough to drastically reduce a project’s duration and improve the development process efficiency. CCPM is a proven Project Management approach to ensure a project, any project, will meet its finishing date without compromising quality no...

    Tags: Lean Engineering, Operational Excellence, Theory of Constraints, TLS, CCPM, Critical Chain Project Management, Fever Chart, Lean engineering, Lean thinking

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  • Lean Thinking

    Part of improvement is indeed related to how you think and interact with others in order to obtain better results. However most organizations struggle to develop this mindset and behaviors in leaders or employees. One of our ten leadership shaping principles in fact is called “thinking patt...

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  • CLean and Green: How SunPower Used Lean to Address Sustainability

    After years of lean practice, solar-device manufacturer SunPower wanted something more. They wanted to continue their journey of continuous improvement and become a more sustainable company, like the the products they sold. Their approach didn't just involve lean - it incorporated a sustainable e...

    Tags: continuous improvement, Lean thinking, lean transformation, sustainability

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  • Book Review: Winning the Brain Game: Fixing the 7 Fatal Flaws of Thinking, by Matthew May

    Changing your people's mindsets is possibly the most difficult part of a lean transformation - but it gets easier when you have the right tools. Lean Post Editor Cam Ford saw such a tool in Matthew May's Winning the Brain Game: Fixing the 7 Fatal Flaws of Thinking, and now reflects on the invalua...

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  • The community comments on the Lean Thinking book

    FEATURE – It’s Lean Thinking week and to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the publication of the book, we have asked a few people from the lean community what it meant to them. Original: http://planet-lean.com/the-community-comments-on-the-lean-thinking-book By: Planet LeanPos...

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  • Thinking Lean: Four Keys to Trim Manufacturing

    Lean manufacturing isn’t something manufacturers can achieve overnight; and it’s certainly not a one-and-done process executed in a vacuum. To the contrary, waste elimination is achieved through enterprise-wide “lean thinking” and continuous, thoughtful improvement. Here ...

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  • Think and see like a child to achieve your lean potential

    PROFILE – Children can dream big. They always have a million questions and are not afraid of making mistakes. So why are we not thinking more like them? It turns out it might be a great way to unleash our full potential as lean leaders. (...) Original: http://planet-lean.com/think-and-s...

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