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  • Kritik an Lean Management: Argumente und Gegenargumente für Skeptiker in the group Lean Six Sigma Deutschland

    Neben den Erfolgen von Lean Management werden auch immer wieder kritische Stimmen laut, insbesondere, wenn es um die Einführung der Lean Methoden geht. Mit den folgenden Bedenken sehen sich Lean Manager am häufigsten konfrontiert. Original: http://www.management-circle.de/blog/kritik...

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  • A Holistic Approach to Lean

    Many years ago (now I’m sounding a bit old), I worked with a client who had a big boss. That big boss believed he could read big books about lean and implement lean his way. His way was to read about 5S, or one-piece flow, or quality, or root cause analysis, and apply the big tools as he sa...

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  • Lean Hospitality in the group Lean Six Sigma Hospitality

    1. Introduction The effects of the recent economic and financial crisis now has also reached the hospitality and tourism industry. The branch that until a few years ago was used to report continuous growth today has to deal with new challenges. For the great majority of the companies from ...

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  • How sustain a Lean Culture

    Look to your people, the best resource you have. These people touch every part of daily operations through a process called managing by DAILY improvement. When a Lean culture is truly developed in a company, and old behavior, habits, and ways of working are modified, people become process improve...

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  • Lean Thinking - Settore alberghiero 1a Parte in the group Lean Six Sigma Hospitality

    Ciao a tutti, è ormai ampiamente diffuso nel Manufacturing l'utilizzo di metodologie di miglioramento continuo Lean e Six Sigma ma spesso non si considerano con la dovuta importanza le stesse applicate a settori diversi come quello Alberghiero, ristorativo, ospedaliero, etc. Questo p...

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  • Lean Thinking - Settore alberghiero 2a Parte in the group Lean Six Sigma Hospitality

    Ciao a tutti, in questo post cercheremo di addentrarci maggiormente su come gli approcci Lean e Sei Sigma possono risultare applicabili al settore Alberghiero. Per poter affermare che i metodi siano applicabili o meno li valuteremo secondo 4 criteri: Criterio 1: Sforzo e costi di attuazione: I...

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  • Lean Hospitality in the group Lean Six Sigma Hospitality

    Analysis of the suitability of traditional Lean Management methods

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  • Is Lean about eliminating waste or not?

    Some thought leaders and Lean promoters stress the fact that Lean is about eliminating waste while others seem to get away from this idea. Could some have been wrong? Is there a shift in Lean Thinking? What is Lean finally about? Is Lean about waste elimination or not? Well, yes and no. D...

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  • Respect for people starts with saying hello

    Lean respect for people principle is somewhat difficult to grasp in first place. While some gurus say it is not (only) about saying hello, I do think respect for people definitely starts with the basics of politeness, especially saying hello. Respect or signs of reverence have long been unidirec...

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  • Konferenz Production Systems – Vorträge sind jetzt online erhältlich in the group Lean Six Sigma Deutschland

    Die Experten und Keynote-Sprecher gehören zu den wichtigsten Informationsquellen, die Lean Manager für die tägliche Arbeit inspirieren. Sehen Sie jetzt drei der spannendsten Vorträge von der Konferenz Production Systems und profitieren Sie von den Ideen, auch wenn Sie in 2017 ...

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