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  • Lean Construction Methodologies Lay a New Foundation

    Lean construction extends the methods of lean manufacturing to the construction industry by maximizing value and minimizing waste. The industry has quickly recognized the need to improve their processes to keep pace in an ever-growing environment. Recent studies by the industry have shown that 5...

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  • [VIDEO] Lean Construction Methods Transform the Industry

    The construction industry has been mired in an environment that has been siloed and antiquated for years. The view has been that things have always been done a certain way and there is no reason to change. Meanwhile, numerous industries have embraced lean methodologies and have significantl...

    Tags: Customer Experience, Innovation, Kaizen, Kanban, Leadership, Lean Construction, Lean Manufacturing, Videos, Change Management, construction, continuous improvement, innovation, kanban, leadership, lean, lean construction, Lean Culture, lean manufacturing, lean methodologies, lean principles

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  • 6 Excellent Reasons to Consider Lean Construction Software

    While many people associate the Lean business methodology primarily with manufacturing, it is an ideal approach in the construction industry. Construction projects are complex. They involve many disciplines, require the movement of people and materials, they are expensive, and they inv...

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  • Causes and Solutions for Resistance to Lean in Construction

      The Lean business management approach may have started with ideas formed in the Japanese auto industry, but today, it is used by industries of all sorts from healthcare to higher education. Many architecture, engineering, and construction companies are also leveraging the methodology to c...

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  • Top Signs that You Need Lean Construction Software

    Although the construction industry employs some unique applications of the approach, the principles of Lean are the same as they are in any other industry. The practice is rooted in respect for workers, the elimination of waste, and continuous process improvement, all of which can be p...

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  • Lean Construction

    The methods of lean have been adapted to a wide variety of industries, from military to healthcare, from government to banking. One of these industries is lean construction, where it’s applied to the construction industry. In this post I would like to give you an overview of the similaritie...

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