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  • Darum ist LEADERSHIP unverzichtbar [Video] in the group Lean Six Sigma Deutschland

    Was ist Mitarbeitern bei ihren Vorgesetzten wichtig? Viel wurde schon geschrieben über Leader und Leadership. Aber was bedeutet es tatsächlich? Sind Sie selbst ein Leader? Oder eher ein Manager, der seine Mitarbeiter mehr verwaltet statt führt? Original: http://www.management-ci...

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  • You Don’t Need a Title to Be a Great Leader in the group Lean Leadership

    Many people believe leadership is something that’s conferred along with a title or attained when you direct a team of people, but true leadership is never about authority or power. It’s about helping others grow, and that’s something anyone can do. If it’s your desire to...

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  • How to Work for a Leader You Don’t Believe In in the group Lean Leadership

    It is a sad truth that you never have to look far to find someone working for a leader they don’t believe in. (It may even be you.) People lose faith in leaders for lots of reasons: broken trust, lack of confidence, or just plain disagreement. If you’re working for a leader you don&r...

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  • 5 Ways to Be A Better Leader in the group Lean Leadership

    Good leaders, like professional athletes, make everything they do look easy. But in reality, many of them have to work hard to manage or compensate for potentially career-limiting traits. I’ve worked with many executives as a business leadership coach, and I’ve come to understand tha...

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  • 7 Ways to Be a More Effective Leader in the group Lean Leadership

    The business environment has never been more demanding than it is right now. Factors that would have been exceptional not long ago—global competition, turbulent markets, demanding shareholders and customers, and constantly changing technology—are an everyday fact of life. More than e...

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  • How to Attract and Keep the Workforce You Need in the group Lean Leadership

    Every organization wants a reputation as a great place to work. In many fields, the workplace has become a candidate’s market where the best people have their pick of jobs. And it’s not enough to attract and hire top people—you have to be able to retain them too. Being known as...

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  • 6 Things Bad Managers Will Fear but Great Leader Will Do in the group Lean Leadership

    Recently one of my clients, a leader of his own company, saw that one of his teams was not as enthusiastic as they used to be about their work and things were starting to slack. The team’s manager just shrugged and said they were a lazy bunch. That’s when my client called me in to he...

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  • Fundamental Parts of Statistics for a Lean Leader

    Statistics is an integral part of lean methodologies, and any leader pursuing a professional development in the lean direction should definitely take a lot of time to fully grasp all the intricate details of the field that are relevant to their job. As it turns out, not all of the statistics are ...

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  • Creating Vision and Aligning Goals

    Creating Vision and Aligning Goals This is one one in a series of 4 articles about Toyota’s Stages of Leader Development An organization is nothing without a properly defined target. It’s important to always strive for results that will bring improvement and long-term...

    Tags: Kaizen, Leadership, Lean Manager, aligning goals, applying kaizen, communication chain, continuous work, defined target, improvement, keeping the short term in mind, leader, organization, propagating knowledge, toyota method

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  • 5 Important Trends in Business Process Management

    Business process management is constantly evolving, and it’s important to stay in touch with the current trends in the field, no matter how critical your leadership position might be to your organization. Generally speaking, every leader is a critical figure in the company they work for, a...

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