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  • Three Steps To Kaizen

    Free Webinar - "Three Steps to Better Kaizen" When companies rely too heavily on Kaizen, what they're often really saying is, "Our Value Stream isn't good, but we can't afford to start from scratch." Free Webinar: 3 Steps to Better Kaizen https://leonardogroupamericas...

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  • Kaizen Event Templates

    Lean Six Sigma Kaizen Event Templates by Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Steven Bonacorsi

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  • Smart Start: The Keys to Kaizen

        Have you been thinking of trying your hand at a kaizen event? If so, take the time to do it right. Kaizen can be extremely beneficial and yield surprising results when done with passion. Many people assume that kaizen events need to be planned right down to every last detail, in f...

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  • A Kaizen Story

        When a large manufacturing plant in Iowa decided to implement Kaizen into their facilities they had plenty of questions and hurdles to overcome. The organization, which produces agricultural and construction-related equipment saw the continuous improvement process known as Kaizen ...

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  • Selecting The Right Team During A Kaizen Event Or Kaizen Process

        The kaizen event is a very good way of solving existing problems within any department or organizations. This is because it mostly involves bringing about rapid change and improvement. You should however ensure if your organization or department has the right scheme or mechanism ...

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  • The 5-Day Kaizen | Bob Emiliani

    “The classic 5-day kaizen was likely created in the late 1980s by Shingijutsu kaizen consultants from Japan as they established their practice in the United States and beyond. Traveling the long distance from Japan to the east coast of the U.S. … Continue reading →Original:...

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  • The Use of Kaizen in Professional Sports

    In an age of modern sports where the playing field is more level than ever and competition fiercer, it’s worth contemplating the success of the Golden State Warriors and New England Patriots. Led, respectively, by coaches Steve Kerr and Bill Belichick, both organizations have been models of...

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  • Boeing borrows a tech tradition to build airplanes more efficiently | Todd Bishop | GeekWire

    Speaking at the Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce Boeing Commercial Airplanes CEO Kevin McAllister described the company’s use of hackathons to find efficiencies in the process of building airplanes: “We’ve launched some new things that are a little di...

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  • 7 questions to help you reduce project durations | Christian Hohmann

    “[…]Organizations dealing repeatedly with projects will soon develop templates of Work Breakdown Structures (WBS) holding the most current tasks and milestones. These canvasses speed up somewhat the project initiation and ensure some degree of standardization. Over time though, the c...

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  • Who is a Lean Sensei: A Master of Lean Principles and a Teacher

    Quickly, without doing an internet search, pick the names from this list of real and fictional people who you think is a sensei. Mr. Miyagi in “Karate Kid” F. Scott Fitzgerald Yu Shu Lien in “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” Albert Einstein Tom Brady Gandalf the Grey If you...

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