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  • Xiaomi's Microsoft Patent Purchase Part of Its Global Push

    How did Microsoft find a ready buyer for 1,500 of its patents? Simple: Chinese companies like Xiaomi, trying to build worldwide brands, are putting more importance on intellectual property. read moreOriginal: http://www.industryweek.com/intellectual-property/xiaomis-microsoft-patent-purchase-pa...

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  • Los Alamos Innovation

    Although we often think of nuclear weapons technology as advanced, cutting-edge, and modern, in fact the dawn of the era of atomic weapons was over 70 years ago.  The most current nuclear weapon designs in the U.S. arsenal are 40 years old. While cutting-edge nuclear weapons research is unde...

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  • Looking at Closed versus Open Innovation

    Is there any word more fundamental to the modern business lexicon than ‘innovation’? To say that it forms an important part of enterprise is probably an understatement. If we take renowned researcher John Seeley Brown’s definition, the very nature of doing business is an act of ...

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  • Thought Commerce™ – 3 Ways to Recognize It; Why You Should Care

    “Thought.” Thought is epically powerful and hugely important. Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor, and before them, Napoleon Hill – all motivational rock stars – consistently drill into their audiences that NOTHING becomes a reality until or after it’s first a thought. Another...

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  • Anaqua Integrates Big Data Analytics into Intellectual Property Management

    by Angela Guess A new release out of the company reports, “Anaqua, Inc., a leading provider of intellectual property analytics and management software and services, today announced the availability of a major product release that embeds big data analytics into the leading IP Management plat...

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  • Innovation and Creativity: The lasting competitive advantage

    Will we prepare our children to compete in a world where creativity and divergent thinking become more important than rote memorization? Can we rethink our business structures and processes to embrace more divergence and creativity? Original: http://innovationexcellence.com/blog/2017/06/22/inn...

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  • Innovation or Not? – Empowering Every Resident with Tools for Change

    What if you could empower every citizen with tools that will help your city, state or country innovate and change faster than the competition for a penny a person? Well, now it’s possible… A revolution is beginning, and the smart cities, states, countries, and even organizations, are...


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