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  • Are you ready to execute your company Strategy?

    Your company has a strategy. Are you confident it is ready to be deployed and executed? Most likely not, as 60%-90% of strategy implementations fail and only 14%of executives are satisfied with the execution of a strategy. This post introduces a framework to assess your company’s strategy e...

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  • LEGO: Organising to ensure efficient Implementation of Strategy

    Organising to ensure efficient Implementation of Strategy This presentation was delivered by LEGO during the Virgin Money Strategy Execution consortium meeting in Newcastle upon Tyne, 21 September 2016. Contents: The LEGO Group History Financial Performance Market Situation Strategy Org...

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  • The Utility of Using Kanban Swim Lanes

    The Utility of Using Kanban Swim Lanes Kanban is a great tool to visualize your business’ workflow, but the typical column-only configuration might sometimes lack the desired depth, depending on your circumstances. Kanban is designed to be efficient, and to force teams to prioritize and con...

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  • What Are Different Types of Kanban

    Explanation of kanban from Toyota website What Are Different Types of Kanban As Kanban is not a fixed methodology that has an ownership like Six Sigma, it can actually mean a few different things, and can be implemented in a number of different ways. On top of this, the term can be used in a numb...

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  • Success in Implementing Lean Takes an All-In Approach – Starting at the Top

    Profound changes don’t happen with half measures. Once it’s clear that an innovative approach can lead to better results, every member of an organization must have buy-in to achieve the desired results. And it starts at the top. Life is full of examples. In the world of sports, New En...

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  • Using Takt Time to Compute Labor Cost

    How can I use takt time in computing labor cost? Sometimes the searches that lead here give us interesting questions. While simple on the surface, this question takes us in all kinds of interesting directions. Actually the simplest answer is this: You can’t. Not from takt time alone....

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  • You’re Not Out of Order! Applying Lean Six Sigma To Law Firms

    For some people, it doesn’t seem possible that Lean Six Sigma can help them in their profession. In manufacturing, sure, or technology or healthcare, but not every industry. As it turns out, however, Six Sigma actually can help make improvements in just about every line of business. That i...

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  • How Six Sigma Can Improve New York’s Public Transit Problem

    Inefficiency is expensive. Just ask the city of New York. The city’s subway system isn’t known for a glowing on-time reputation, and after a study conducted by New York City’s Independent Budget Office (IBO), we know exactly how much money those transit delays cost every year. ...

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  • Ohio Nonprofits Reap Benefits of Six Sigma Training

    If there was ever a group that could benefit from the principles of Lean and Six Sigma, it would be the nonprofits. It’s not that they have more waste and inefficiencies than the private sector. But they tend to have fewer resources to help them to address the issue. What makes a differenc...

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  • IndustryWeek ‘Best Plants’ Awards: 25 Years of Continuous Improvement

    Applied Technical Services’ (ATS) story characterizes what makes a winner of IndustryWeek magazine’s prestigious “Best Plants” awards. In just two years, Applied Technical Services (ATS) has gone from a plant whose operations have been described as “chaotic” t...

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