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  • Carol Byrne’s #WhentoJump: Reinvigorating a village with Refugees Welcome

    Remember back in ’98, Fatboy Slim’s track “You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby?” Well, have you? What does reaching your full potential mean to you? Will you do as expected, join the family business, or plod along in that 9-to-5 suit job until you collect your gold watch? I...

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  • Dan Woodward’s #WhentoJump: From Doctor to Scrum Master

    Welcome to a new series inspired by a story we found on Huffington Post about Helene Godin who quit her job as a high-end corporate lawyer in order to find the joy of baking (and making money from that joy.) This is part of a trend (and thus trending hashtag) called When to Ju...

    Tags: #WhentoJump, How to be happy at work, How To Become An Entrepreneur, Work Life Balance Tips, how to become an entreprneur, how to find a job you love, when to jump, whentojump, work life balance tips

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  • Louise Brace’s #WhenToJump: If you are hungry, you’ll make it happen

    My first jump was 15 years ago, when I chose to leave the rat race of London and move to Spain. Back then I was younger and ambitious, and thrived on having multiple projects and clients on the go. I was also more than a little naive and as quickly as I made money, I […]Original: http://ww...

    Tags: How to be happy at work, How To Become An Entrepreneur, Uncategorized, how to be an entrepreneur, when to jump, whentojump, work life balance tips

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  • What Are the Happiest Professions?

    Happiness and satisfaction at work aren’t always tied to a salary. CareerBliss, a massive fulfillment-focus job search website comprised of millions of independent company reviews and salary listing, carries out the leading survey of job satisfaction in America. As we’ll see, the resu...

    Tags: Happy Working Case Studies, How to be happy at work, be happy, creating a happy environment, employee motivation, get happy, happiness as work, happy at work, happy employees, happy workers, improving performance, improving skills, motivation

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  • 4 TED talks on the power of a great conversation

    “How do I deal with an employee that is constantly late?” This question was posed at this month’s Management 3.0 Meetup in London. Jurgen, who was our guest speaker, said “Who cares?” because he shares the belief that people should be able to come in when they want. ...


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  • Power of the Gesture: Learn sign language for effective communication

    “I didn’t steal the money.” This five-word sentence is a loaded one, which varies depending on which word you emphasize. Go ahead, try saying it out loud (preferably not in line at a bank.) If you emphasize the first word, you imply that it was someone else and you might know ju...

    Tags: Employee Engagement Exercises, Entrepreneurial Skills & Small Business Resources, How to be happy at work, How To Become An Entrepreneur, become a better communicator, body language, body language signs, effective communication, sign language

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  • How to ‘give’ a Happy Melly membership

    We all know people who hate their jobs. And we all know people who would love to say ‘I love my job!’ We want job satisfaction for our friends because not only does it make them happier, maybe they’ll become more positive influences in our lives. There’s no doubt that both...

    Tags: About Happy Melly, How to be happy at work, happiness at work, job satisfaction

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  • What is Happiness? Happy Melly Founder, Jurgen Appelo tells all – Live from his book tour

    Sam speaks candidly with Jurgen, about the secret to happiness, his upcoming birthday and how to implement the 12 Steps to Happiness in your daily life – all live from his Managing for Happiness book tour. For more happiness, visit www.happymelly.com. Download out this podcast episode! Subs...

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  • 5 TED talks on asking questions to be a better leader

    That old adage about our two ears and one mouth may have led us to roll our eyes at our parents one too many times, but it stands to reason. If you ask management influencer and professor Gianpiero Petriglieri, we are reducing leadership down to an MBA-sized set of skills which is causing di...

    Tags: Employee Engagement Exercises, How to be happy at work, how to ask a good question, how to be a good leader, how to be a good manager, how to increase employee engagement, TED talks, TEDxMileHigh, TEDXSHHS, TEDXstanleypark, TEDxVienna, TEDxYouth@Sydney

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  • Scaling happiness by defining, emoting and creating happiness engines

    Roughly eight years ago, I stood in my basement office afraid to sit so I didn’t fall asleep. It was the third day managing a project cutover that was meant to be completed in two days—a critical series of technical issues had us stuck at 50 percent complete and well past the release ...


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