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  • Lean System Thinking

    More and more often among the experts you hear about if and how the application of Lean methods can fail. Many claim that being the Lean Thinking a set of tools, a path, a cultural change, it may NOT fail, may however fail the people, companies seeking to apply these concepts without getting the...

    Tags: System thinking, Holistic thinking, Dynamic thinking, closed-loop thinking, system driven, principle driven

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  • A Holistic Approach to Lean

    Many years ago (now I’m sounding a bit old), I worked with a client who had a big boss. That big boss believed he could read big books about lean and implement lean his way. His way was to read about 5S, or one-piece flow, or quality, or root cause analysis, and apply the big tools as he sa...

    Tags: Lean Management, Holistic thinking, system driven

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