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  • Laxmi Soni, PMP, MPM

    • Rimini

    Tomas Maestri

    Black Belt Six Sigma Engineer

    I’m a Lean Manufacturing Engineer (Lean Six Sigma - BLACK BELT certified) skilled in analysis and development of production processes: Implementation of SMED methodologies, Autonomous Maintenance, OEE Detection, production cycles and assembly modelization; Times & Methods Analysis (timing and balancing of line stations); Scheduling of production lines (products on the line, packaging and accessory warehouses).
    Shopfloor definition and implementation of production KPIs, design of work equipment (operator workstations and line stock), layout of production areas according to the principles of continuous improvement (Kaizen).
    Application of TPS (Toyota Production System) and Lean Production techniques: 5S, Just in Time, Kanban, Syncro, PDCA - Flash Meeting, One Point Lesson.
    Definition of industrialization techniques during product sampling (Industrial Prototyping).
    Implementation of production improvement techniques through the Continuous Improvement Process (C.I.P.)


  • We need HR to succeed. Really.

    During my two last gemba visits in two different companies, the HR Director was with the leader on the shop floor. This is a major step forward. What are the deep roots that will, in time produce more competitive products? How do we get better fruit, in other words? The management teams sta...

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  • How Will Leaving The EU Impact HR & Employment Law?

    As with any legal system we would all no doubt welcome the opportunity to cherry pick a legal framework that is easy to navigate. This of course must be a system that provides the necessary protection for people and organisations alike.There is no doubt that the EU has provided us with a legal (...

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