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  • Los Alamos Innovation

    Although we often think of nuclear weapons technology as advanced, cutting-edge, and modern, in fact the dawn of the era of atomic weapons was over 70 years ago.  The most current nuclear weapon designs in the U.S. arsenal are 40 years old. While cutting-edge nuclear weapons research is unde...

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  • Report Tracks Progress In Building Digital Economies

    There are precious few countries on earth that aren’t trying to develop innovative, digital economies, but a recent report from Tufts University highlights the varying progress made towards that goal around the world. For instance, Singapore, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, the United Arab...

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  • Innovation or Not? – Empowering Every Resident with Tools for Change

    What if you could empower every citizen with tools that will help your city, state or country innovate and change faster than the competition for a penny a person? Well, now it’s possible… A revolution is beginning, and the smart cities, states, countries, and even organizations, are...


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  • Lines of Innovation – Part 1

    First of a two-part series: "Because of the numerous examples of lines in innovation, these provide important lessons for the modern innovation practitioner." Original: http://innovationexcellence.com/blog/2017/08/31/lines-of-innovation-part-1/ By: Scott BowdenPosted: August 31, 2017, 1:00 pm


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  • Innovation Should Not Ignore Privacy or Security Risks

    Will new laws ignore privacy dangers inherent in self-driving cars? Even as the country still reels from revelations that almost 2.5 million more people were affected by the recent Equifax than previously thought (bringing the current total up to 145.5 million), the senate has introduced legislat...

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  • The Department of Energy is Helping to Create a New Future in Manufacturing

    In the recession that followed the dotcom crash in 2000, the United States lost 5 million manufacturing jobs and, while there has been an uptick in recent years, all indications are that they are never coming back. Manufacturing, perhaps more than any other sector, relies on deep networks of skil...

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  • What Makes Innovation Districts Successful?

    Open innovation, a rarity in sick care, depends on the free flow of information from inside to outside and vice versa. For that to happen, it takes a permeable membrane to drive osmotic flow of information and possible solutions across the separator. Like a polaroid lens that allows you to see th...

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  • Why Winning a Trade War Can Lose the U.S. Battle over Innovation

    For years, American companies have complained that foreign competitors, the Japanese in the past, and more recently, the Chinese, were stealing, borrowing, and copying intellectual properties. These complaints against copycats that foreign theft of American trade secrets runs up an estimated cost...

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  • Alphabet, Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook are Monopolies: So What?

    The need to support a free market by breaking up large companies that stifle innovation and competition is well established, but is it still valid? We’ve reached an economic precipice in building the future of technology; one that is striking chords of terror in many. Namely, that so much o...

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