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  • Collaborating to Improve Government Performance

      This webcast shows Phil Landesberg’s presentation, Collaborating to Improve Government Performance, at the 2015 Deming Research Seminar.   I have known Phil for many years having served with him on the board of the Washington DC Deming User’s group. I also worked at the...

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  • California County Adopts Lean Six Sigma, Saves $33 Million

    In 2008, leaders in Ventura County, California, saw how implementing Lean Six Sigma tools and techniques led to improved services in some county agencies, including human services. That year, they decided to put Lean into place in departments throughout the county’s operations. In the decad...

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  • The Case for Lean Continuous Improvement in Government

    Perhaps no organizations need process improvement more than governments, as they use taxpayer dollars to provide needed services. The goal is to provide those services in the most efficient way possible. Anyone who deals with government agencies knows this is often not the case. So, while improve...

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  • Brevard County Government Unlocks Cost and Time Savings with Lean Six Sigma

    In the Brevard County Government, self-correction is a core value. For the last four years, the County has embraced Lean Six Sigma to ramp up its operations in order to provide a more responsive and streamlined service to the public. From emergency management to information technology, the organi...

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  • Connecticut Town Uses Lean Six Sigma to Cut Waste, Improve Customer Service

    A small town in Connecticut has found that the principles of Lean Six Sigma can work just as well for a small organization as they can for large corporations or military operations. In a July 2019 report about changes made to his town’s government, Greenwich, Conn., first selectman Peter J....

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  • Is Lean/TPS Possible in the Public Service? Part 1

    Senior public sector leaders asked W. Edwards Deming asked this question in the early 1980’s.   His approach was working in companies around the world. Would it work in the public service?“I don’t know,” Deming said.Some diligent leaders ran experiments – wit...

    Tags: Dr. W. Edwards Deming, Government, private sector

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  • Capitalism isn’t broken. It’s been high-jacked.

    We live in tense times. In our era even seen systemic and corporate fraud at SkyTel, Enron, and others. We’ve watched our tax dollars bail out many of the largest banks and insurance companies. We’ve witnessed a huge economic shift that favors the very wealthy and minimizes the Middle...

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  • The Loneliness of the Small Business Owner

    A colleague of mine is launching a small business - a comic book, craft & memorabilia store in Toronto's West end.John is a splendid artist and draftsman, as well as, a gifted renovator of houses.But he wants to do something a little different. Over a drink the other day John described some ...

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  • Lean/TPS in the Public Service, Part 3 – Obstacles & Countermeasures?

    In my last blog, I noted that morale in the US and Canadian federal governments is at all-time lows, and that the growing gap between performance in the private and public sector fuels a corrosive cynicism and disengagement. I noted three major obstacles to Lean/TPS in government. What are ...

    Tags: Countermeasures, Government, Obstacles, public service

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  • Can we fix our broken economy with a guaranteed income?

    Automation, robotics, displaced workers, outsourcing, offshoring, near-shoring, smartsourcing… These are all words that strike fear into the ordinary working man and woman, American, or otherwise… Now comes a new set of words from the intelligentsia promising to fix it all for the c...

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