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  • Google Launches New Machine Learning Research Group in Zurich

    by Angela Guess Eric David reports in SiliconAngle, “Google has been making major strides over the last few years in the field of artificial intelligence research, with important breakthroughs like AlphaGo and more recently with its Magenta project. Now, Google has announced that it will co...

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  • Announcing DeepMind Health Research Partnership with Moorfields Eye Hospital

    by Angela Guess A new release out of Google DeepMind Health states, “We founded DeepMind to make the world a better place by developing technologies that help address some of society’s toughest challenges. So we’re excited to announce our first medical research project with an N...

    Tags: big data, data management, Data Daily | Data News, Data Education, Education Resources For Use & Management of Data, Smart Data News, Articles, & Education, artificial intelligence, DeepMind, DeepMind Health, Google, health data

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  • Stanford Medicine, Google Team Up to Harness Power of Data Science for Health Care

    by Angela Guess According to a new press release out of the school, “Stanford Medicine and Google are working together to transform patient care and medical research through data science. The new collaboration combines Stanford Medicine’s excellence in health-care research and clinica...

    Tags: big data, data management, Data Daily | Data News, Data Education, Data Science News, Articles, & Education, Education Resources For Use & Management of Data, data science, Google, health data, medical data, medical research, Stanford Medicine

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  • Box and Google Partner to Transform Work in the Cloud

    by Angela Guess According to a new press release, “Box, a leading enterprise content platform, announced a partnership with Google. The companies will collaborate on several initiatives to transform work in the cloud, including new integrations between Box, Google Docs and Google Springboar...

    Tags: big data, data management, Data Daily | Data News, Data Education, Education Resources For Use & Management of Data, Enterprise Information Management, Information Management News, Box, cloud based data, enterprise data, Google, the cloud

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  • Here’s Why You Should Think Twice Before Listening To Business Gurus

    Probably the hardest thing in business is to innovate consistently, year after year and decade after decade. Take a look at any industry at any point in time and you’ll find one company that seems to have hit on a secret formula only to find that ten years later that things have gone awry. ...

    Tags: innovation, innovation excellence, Amazon, Apple, Compaq, core, Customers, Experian, Google, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, operations, Steve Jobs

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  • Keiner ist vor einer Disruption sicher – nicht einmal Google und Co. in the group Lean Six Sigma Deutschland

    Diese Meinung vertritt Innovationsexperte Dr. Jens-Uwe Meyer. Er betont aber gleichzeitig, dass die Unternehmenskultur der Big Four einmalig ist: Das Bestehende wird niemals als gesetzt betrachtet. Hier wurde eine Kultur etabliert, in der Mitarbeiter hungrig auf Neues sind. Original: http://ww...

    Tags: Digitalisierung, Interviews, Agil, Big Four, Disruption, Dr. Jens-Uwe Meyer, Google, kannibialisieren

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  • Designing Workspaces To Solve Problems

    Apple’s new campus, Apple Park opened to both adulation and criticism. The Los Angeles Times’ architecture critic, upon seeing the original design, called it a “retrograde cocoon.” USA Today pointed out that opening up a glitzy new headquarters is often a signal of impendi...

    Tags: innovation, innovation excellence, Apple, architecture, creative workplace, Google, IBM Research, interior design

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  • Build For The Few And Not The Many

    When Google first announced its Glass prototype, complete with a snazzy video, it generated a lot of excitement. Through augmented reality projected onto the lenses, users could seamlessly navigate an urban landscape, send and receive messages and take photos and videos. It was a completely new w...

    Tags: innovation, innovation excellence, Design, Google, Google glass, new product launch, Strategy

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  • Eliminating Walls in B2B Platforms (keep an eye on Amazon)

    The stark truth of platforms and ecosystems for B2B companies is that there will never be one dominant platform that everyone accepts and leverages. In fact there will almost always be several segmented platforms in any company or industry. This means there is real value in being a platform bridg...

    Tags: innovation, innovation excellence, Build Capability, Business Models, Customers, Digital, Disruption, Feature Of The Week, Amazon, Apple, B2B, B2C, Digital Integration, facebook, Google

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  • Lean, Leadership & Ethics, Part 1

    By Pascal Dennis (bio)Been reflecting about each of these lately, and how they relate.But what’s Ethics got to do with anything? We’re in a proverbial knowledge economy. The market caps of, say, Google, Facebook and Apple, dwarf that of Toyota.Google, Facebook and Apple have comparat...

    Tags: Apple, Ethics, Facebook, Google, Leadership, lean, Sun Tzu, Toyota

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