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  • Everything You Need to Win at Omnichannel Marketing

    Omnichannel marketing is so much more than just a catchphrase.  Let’s face it, the reality is that before a customer will most likely buy a product from an online store, he/she first needs to trust the brand. With the right omnichannel strategies, you can offer your customers a smooth,...

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  • Professional Development – 12 Books That Inspired Jeff Bezos

    There is a saying that “success leaves clues.” If you look at successful people, you will find a common core of habits that contribute directly to their success. One of the most common habits is reading. Successful people across all industries dump the TV and read! They are voracious ...

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  • Lean Healthcare – Spend Some Time with Mark Graban

    Mark Graban is an internationally recognized leader in Lean healthcare and continuous improvement. His motivation is to apply Lean and Toyota Production System principles to improve quality of care and patient safety, to improve the customer-patient experience, to help the development of medical ...

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  • Are you comfortable in linking your Talent to Value?

    A large majority of leaders confront significant impediments trying to bring their talent and business priorities in line.  Are you one of them? The typical approach employed to accomplish this often contains several gaps—starting with recognizing critical roles in the company where le...

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  • Veterans: Lean Six Sigma Skills Are In Demand

    Ready to Transition? Veterans, are you ready to transition? That one single question strikes fear in the heart of more veterans than any other. Once the decision to transition from military service into the civilian work force has been made, there is a relief. The veterans now are able to switch...

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  • Celebrating the Fourth of July

    A History of the Celebration The Continental Congress approved the final wording of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. They’d been working on it for a couple of days after the draft was submitted on July 2nd and finally agreed on all of the edits and changes.  July 4, 17...

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  • Accountability: Ensure You Tidy Up ‘You’ First

    Setting a Bad Example We have all seen it many times before. That meeting organizer that comes into a meeting 25 minutes late. Everyone in the room respectfully held off starting the meeting and simply took care of busy work or catching up on social connections with others in the meeting. Time p...

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  • Lean Six Sigma Practitioner Receives Global Award of Excellence

    Recognizing Success Excellence is the standard. Professional recognition from your peer group is always a humbling honor. It is a mark of true accomplishment and professionalism. Recently, Thomas VanEimeren, a Lean Six Sigma practitioner with Arrow Electronic was appropriately recognized fo...

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  • Memorial Day: Honoring Service and Sacrifice

    How Do We Remember Memorial Day. How do we remember and honor those the day is set aside for? Memorial Day started off as a somber day of remembrance; a day when Americans went to cemeteries and placed flags or flowers on the graves of our war dead. Originally called “Decoration ...

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  • Veterans: Lean Six Sigma Seeking Your Skills

    Experience Counts Veterans, your experience counts! In the professional world, the attributes you bring to the table are exactly what organizations are seeking. That is especially true in the practice of Six Sigma and Lean methodologies. Some will ask though, just what does a veteran bring to ...

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