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  • Try this iterative drawing team activity

    Most team activities I know are either competitive, too darn didactic, or have nothing to do with work. This time I’d like to introduce you to a fun team activity that will get them out of their comfort zones, will tap on their creativity, and is bound to get some insights about the value o...

    Tags: Agile and lean principles, Employee Engagement Exercises, building team trust, employee engagement exercises, iterative drawing, team exercises, teamwork

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  • Why should we care about our company core values?

    This piece offers a practical way to discover the common core values in your team and how to generate a conversation about them. It’s for everyone who wants his or her team to benefit from collaboratively discovering their own common values. It’s a journey that could be triggered...

    Tags: Employee Engagement Exercises, How To Motivate Employees, company core values, core values, list of values, wish values

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  • Are non-profits leading high performance culture leadership?

    Here at Happy Melly, we talk a lot about people making a difference at work — but what if your work makes a difference? We don’t talk enough about non-profits and we should. I spent this week at Spark the Change here in London, a conference for helping organizations reach th...

    Tags: Employee Engagement Exercises, How to Increase Productivity, How To Motivate Employees, culture leadership, housing association, housing authority, nonprofit management, Spark the Change, transparency

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  • Power of the Gesture: Learn sign language for effective communication

    “I didn’t steal the money.” This five-word sentence is a loaded one, which varies depending on which word you emphasize. Go ahead, try saying it out loud (preferably not in line at a bank.) If you emphasize the first word, you imply that it was someone else and you might know ju...

    Tags: Employee Engagement Exercises, Entrepreneurial Skills & Small Business Resources, How to be happy at work, How To Become An Entrepreneur, become a better communicator, body language, body language signs, effective communication, sign language

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  • 5 TED talks on asking questions to be a better leader

    That old adage about our two ears and one mouth may have led us to roll our eyes at our parents one too many times, but it stands to reason. If you ask management influencer and professor Gianpiero Petriglieri, we are reducing leadership down to an MBA-sized set of skills which is causing di...

    Tags: Employee Engagement Exercises, How to be happy at work, how to ask a good question, how to be a good leader, how to be a good manager, how to increase employee engagement, TED talks, TEDxMileHigh, TEDXSHHS, TEDXstanleypark, TEDxVienna, TEDxYouth@Sydney

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  • Jurgen Appelo on why there’s no such thing as a teal organization

    I am slowly delegating the production of our Management 3.0 workshop materials, which is not easy for me. I am quite territorial in my attitude toward our creative products, and the workshop modules have always been my territory. I am a dictator in that area. It is the main reason why people rate...

    Tags: Employee Engagement Exercises, How To Motivate Employees, Management 3.0, how to be a better manager, how to be a teal organization, Jurgen Appelo, Ken Wilber, teal and red businesses

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  • Scaling happiness by defining, emoting and creating happiness engines

    Roughly eight years ago, I stood in my basement office afraid to sit so I didn’t fall asleep. It was the third day managing a project cutover that was meant to be completed in two days—a critical series of technical issues had us stuck at 50 percent complete and well past the release ...


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  • Keep collaborating and nobody explodes

    This is part one of a series in which different Happy Melly members are applying the same general exercise to their very different teams. I serve as a ScrumMaster* for three teams at a Silicon Valley-based edtech startup. The majority of our employees work onsite with a few working remotely. As a...

    Tags: Agile and lean principles, Employee Engagement Exercises, Happy Melly Experiments, How To Motivate Employees

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  • Peer-to-peer recognition has folks on fire at Redbooth

    You know us at Happy Melly, we surely don’t believe that employee recognition should be relegated to one day a year. And we sure as heck don’t think it should be top-down. What we do know is that a lot of people are searching for—quite literally, on Google—employee appreci...

    Tags: Employee Engagement Exercises, Happy Working Case Studies, How To Motivate Employees, company culture, employee appreciation, employee recognition, peer feedback, peer-to-peer recognition, project management software, redbooth, startup culture

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  • Are you ready to work for happiness at work?

    We double-dog dare you to be happy at work! Our wacky visionary founder Jurgen Appelo has taken the ongoing experiment of Happy Melly to a whole new level. Following his third book #Workout‘s idea that you adapt employee engagement exercises to what works for your team when, we&nb...

    Tags: About Happy Melly, Employee Engagement Exercises, Weekly Happiness Challenge, happiness challenge, happy at work

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