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  • How Cloud ERP Provides Visibility for Lean Manufacturing

    Lean manufacturing tools have been around for more than 25 years, and they continue to deliver value to manufacturers. In fact, lean is essentially a focus on value-add across the product lifecycle and results in rigorous efforts to eliminate waste in manufacturing. Attempting to run a growing co...

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  • Traditional Lean?

    Twice in the last month I’ve heard the phrase “Traditional Lean” used in public presentations.   In neither case did the presenter explain the expression, but one displayed a slide with a Venn diagram showing the overlap between Lean and Six Sigma.  I suppose this...

    Tags: lean manufacturing, Old Lean Dude, automation, continuous improvement, ERP, GM, lean sigma, MRP, six sigma, toyota production system, TPS

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  • Industry 4.0 – Revolution or Evolution | Bodo Wiegand | Wiegand’s Watch

      Bodo Wiegand heads the Lean Management Institute, which is the German affiliate of the Lean Enterprise Institute. In his latest newsletter, on Wiegand’s Watch, he explains how he feels manufacturers should respond to the German government’s Industry 4.0 initiativ...

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  • Excel Hell – An Insider’s Report | Chad Smith | LinkedIn Pulse

    “95% of companies report that they are using spreadsheets to augment their ERP system for planning. I asked a good friend that I have known for 20 years to share his experiences with the proliferation of work-arounds and ad-hoc planning … Continue reading →Original: http://miche...

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  • How Does This All Play Out?

    It is a seemingly simple question, but one that is not asked as often as it should be. It challenges managers to consider the responses of other stakeholders and think beyond immediate consequences. It checks their “bias for action,” and makes them … Continue reading ...

    Tags: Management, Uncategorized, ERP, Game theory, Kanban, Lean, Milk run, Supply Chain Management

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  • Digital Transformation vs. Lean Transformation | Bob Emiliani

    “Corporate investment is increasingly shifting from machinery and employees to robots and software. Why? Because CEOs think digital transformation will be a source of competitive advantage. And it is a transformation that they think they can execute more rapidly compared … Continue r...

    Tags: Blog clippings, cyber-physical systems, ERP, Industry 4.0, IT, Lean, Lean management, WMS

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  • Retail Strategy: How to Effectively Manage IT Costs

    The Retail industry is under constant pressure by low margins and ever-increasing rivalry.  Weak consumer spending; saturated markets; increased consumers demands for service and lower prices; and intense competition has put significant strain on retail bottom lines and growth avenues. ...

    Tags: Information Technology, Outsourcing, Strategy, Marketing, & Sales, Application & Infrastructure Simplification, Cross-channel Integration, Demand Management, ERP, lean, retail strategy, strategic sourcing

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  • The BOM Rap

    Why bother with a yawn-inducing topic like bills of materials (BOMs)? Bring it up with manufacturing professionals and their eyes glaze over instantly. And the Lean literature is mute on the subject. I even asked Michael Ballé for his input on the subject and he responded that he had none ...

    Tags: Information Technology, Bill of Materials, BOM, CAD, ERP, Process Planning, Production planning, Work instructions

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  • How Industry 4.0 Contributes to Operational Excellence | Lecture notes from Jose Ignacio Erausquin | Madrid, 5/22/2019

    At the invitation of our Spanish partner Asenta, Michel Baudin gave a lecture in Madrid on the ways Industry 4.0 does or can contribute to operational excellence. Industry 4.0 was presented as a stack of technologies — from direct machine control to knowledge management — with each la...

    Tags: Automation, Autonomation, big data, ERP, Excel, Human-Machine Interface, Industry 4.0, jidoka, Machine controls

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  • IT in der Produktion: So machen Sie Ihr Unternehmen zukunftsfähig in the group Lean Six Sigma Deutschland

    Die Auftragsabwicklung in der Produktion ist ein zentraler Bestandteil. Produktionsplanung und -steuerung zählen zu den großen Herausforderungen für produzierende Unternehmen. Erfahren Sie von Dr. Hans-Hermann Wiendahl, welche IT-Werkzeuge Sie dafür nutzen können.Origina...

    Tags: Interviews, Lean Management, APS, Dr. Hans-Hermann Wiendahl, ERP, Fraunhofer Institut, IT in der Produktion, MES, SCM

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