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  • Product Innovation Through Powerful Problem Statements

    Last week I had the opportunity to present a webinar at the Project Management Viewblog. I spoke on how Six Sigma-powered problem statements can actually improve innovation in a project. Interestingly, that’s contrary to what many product managers believe. (You can review a full audio-...

    Tags: Tools & Methods, creativity, discipline, Innovation, problem statement, product management, product manager, rigor, six sigma

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  • How Can You Experience Growth by Leaps and Bounds?

    The most perfect union in today’s global world is the unlocking of the next wave of growth. Creativity and Data are driving growth by leaps and bounds. Companies who are harnessing Creativity and Data in tandem have achieved global competitiveness in the complex world of business. A go...

    Tags: Strategy, Marketing, & Sales, analytics, creativity, growth strategy, marketing excellence

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  • Creative Thinking: How is More of it Best Encouraged?

      One of the most important traits of a workplace leader, creative thinking, is essentially the ability to think in new and different ways when applied to everyday problems. In this regard, contrary to popular belief, every leader can and should be creative, at least some of the time, and i...

    Tags: Creativity and Innovation, Innovation, creativity

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  • If You Don’t Think Strategic Thinking Counts, Think Again

    Leaders easily handle routine decisions and events by relying on past practices and habit.  However, today leaders face complex decisions and unprecedented conditions requiring thoughtful analysis instead of conditioned reactions.  Instead of being “safe,” conventional think...

    Tags: Strategy, Marketing, & Sales, creativity, critical thinking, people management, problem solving, strategic thinking

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  • How to Rework a Charlie Brown Tree

    Last weekend, as I forked over $70 for a “live” Christmas tree, I had a flashback to a very different experience when I was still a kid.  My family had a tradition of waiting until Christmas Eve to trim our tree.  Late in the afternoon of the big night, I’d accompany m...

    Tags: lean manufacturing, Old Lean Dude, creativity, GBMP, toyota production system

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  • Boxing inside the Box!

    In different occasions and inspirational speeches, I usually hear a very popular advice–“think outside the box”–and once I reflect on myself, I always find it hard. The problem could be mine. However, let’s elucidate the disparity between thinking inside and outside ...

    Tags: General, creativity

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  • Standardization With a Systems View Allows Creativity to Flourish

    We all benefit from standardization every day. We can plug our devices into a wall outlet and power them. We can get a replacement battery and have it work as expected. We can type on the keyboard without thinking because the keys are the same on each keyboard. We can connect to a new wifi networ...

    Tags: management systems, process thinking, systems thinking, creativity, organization as a system, quotes

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  • An Effective Methodology to Avoid Disruption: The 8 Pillars of Innovation

    Almost every other day, startups emerge and disrupt established companies because of their innovative ideas and business models.  This disruption is, primarily, due to the reluctance of big companies to implement a series of strategic and organizational practices required to organize and in...

    Tags: Strategy, Marketing, & Sales, business model innovation, creativity, innovation

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  • [VIDEO] What Does It Take to Be a Great Leader?

    Leadership is tough! Research states that 46% of all improvement initiatives fail due to lack of leadership. Taken with other evidence, clearly more work is needed to develop lean leaders. One key leadership behavior related to this trait is the ability to perform Hansei, Japanese for &...

    Tags: Innovation, Leadership, Lean Manager, Lean Manufacturing, Respect for People, Visual Management, creativity, innovation, lean, lean leadership, lean manufacturing, lean thinking, shmula

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  • Infographic: How 9 famous geniuses sparked their inspiration

    Inspiration is a beautiful thing. In its greatest moments, it grants you ideas and feelings of rare brilliance that you can only assume your subconscious was working on while you were dealing with the mundane stuff. Inspiration helps you to spot connections that others wouldn’t notice, or t...

    Tags: Money, Motivational, being creative, celebrating success, creative workers, creativity, finding inspiration, good ideas, ideas, inspiration, mentors, mentorship, success, successful people

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