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  • Creative Thinking for Business – A Process that Can Be Learned

    How can we produce more creative business thinkers? What sort of things should business schools be teaching to make that happen? When asked those questions, Neil Turok, Physicist and the director of the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Waterloo, Ontario answered: “I’d ...

    Tags: Systems Thinking, systems view of the world, Theory of Constraints, conflict cloud, creative thinking, the human constraint, Thinking Process Tools

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  • Adding Some Creativity to Your Lean Documentation Practices

    On the outside, Lean seems like a really serious structure with a no-nonsense approach to everything. And while that’s generally true, many people tend to confuse it with an aversion to creativity. That’s quite the opposite of what the situation is really like, because Lean methodolog...

    Tags: Lean Manufacturing, approach, creative thinking, implement the system, implementing changes, lean, lean leaders, lean organization

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  • Brainstorming Redefined: 7 Steps to Questions-based Brainstorming

    Creative ideas—such as Innovation, Process Improvement initiatives, or Growth Strategy opportunities—drive businesses.  It’s every executive’s dream to manage a team that is creative enough to come up with innovative ideas perpetually.  Traditional brainstorming ...

    Tags: Strategy, Marketing, & Sales, brainstorming, creative thinking, Idea Generation, problem solving

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  • Creative Thinking at the Workplace (Obstacles and Solutions)

    There’s no doubt that each individual and every organisation are always desperately in need for creativity and innovation for self-improvement at the first place and to keep the cutting edge ahead of other rivals and remain competing in the current highly competing marketplace. As any organ...

    Tags: Management & Leadership, creative thinking, problem solving

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  • Problem Solving: Your problem may be your best resource

    Testing the traction We all try to avoid the bias of the ‘Law of the Instrument’— whereby we walk around with our hammer and see everything as a nail — but when you keep seeing a method really help people think differently, it’s hard not to want to share the hammer a...

    Tags: innovation, innovation excellence, Cognition, Creativity, Innovation, Complex Problem Solving, Creative Thinking, Disruptive Ideas, Disruptive Innovation, Disruptive Innovators, ideas, innovative thinking, problem solving, systematic inventive thinking

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