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  • Transforming Jet-Hot by Viewing the Organization as a System

    Guest post by John Hunter. Jet-Hot‘s story provides an example of applying Deming’s work to transform a real enterprise. Gordon McGilton and Dennis Sergent share evidence from their experience that will help others transform their enterprises by focusing on their system and aim. Jet-...

    Tags: management systems, systems thinking, video, case study, continual improvement, culture, Deming Research Seminar, flowchart, important, management system, manufacturing, organization as a system, quality tools, technology

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  • Building Data Scientists from Scratch with Tech Tank

    by Angela Guess Sarah Fister Gale recently wrote in Chief Learning Officer, “Booz Allen Hamilton Inc. prides itself on being able to bring cutting edge technology and talent to its clients… The volume and complexity of data management and data science expertise required on client pro...

    Tags: big data, data management, Data Daily | Data News, Data Education, Data Science News, Articles, & Education, Education Resources For Use & Management of Data, Booz Allen Hamilton, case study, data science, data scientists, Tech Tank

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  • Lean Six Sigma Executive Overview Templates

    Lean Six Sigma Executive Overview Templates by Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Steven Bonacorsi

    Tags: Lean six sigma, Executive overview, case study, DMAIC, Tollgate Template, Steven Bonacorsi


  • TOC in production within Aerosud Aviation

    Learn how Aerosud Aviation applied TOC to their production.  Aerosud Aviation, with the help of Marris Consulting, began their TOC implementation in 2014. In this video they focus on TOC implementation in production, and discuss: Replenishment solution Buffer management system Visual...

    Tags: TOC, case study

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  • The Life and Times of a Change Manager (Part 3a)

    Editor’s Note:  Ron Leeman is a world-recognized Change Manager and author of several Change, Process, and Project training guides on Flevy.   He has decided to write a series of articles that chronicle his personal “change” journey.  This is the second ...

    Tags: Organization, Change, & HR, case study, Change Management, customer feedback

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  • A Database Reverse Engineering Case Study

    Click here to learn more about author Michael Blaha. In a blog last year we discussed database archaeology, which is another name for database reverse engineering. Database reverse engineering is the inverse to normal development. We start with an application and work backwards to understand...


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  • Six Sigma Practices Improve Dispatch Times for Medical Reports

    A medical center in Amsterdam, concerned over the failure to consistently dispatch medical reports in a timely manner, utilized a Lean Six Sigma (LSS) initiative to study the underlying problems and design a cure. The upshot was a dramatic turnaround in the dispatch of patient reports from the G...

    Tags: Implementation, News and Current Events, Six Sigma, case study, healthcare, six sigma implementation

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  • Lean Six Sigma Helps Humane Society Find Loving Homes For Dogs

    It turns out that man’s best friend can benefit from one of man’s best process improvement methodologies. The Humane Society for Greater Savannah in Georgia, looking for a way to more quickly find an adoptive home for their dogs, recently turned to Lean Six Sigma for help. The results...

    Tags: News and Current Events, Off The Wall, Six Sigma, case study, lean six sigma

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  • Case Study: Adopting a Deming Management System in a Service Company

    Total Quality Management in Logistics: a case study from the trucking industry by Harry Lehman, Jr. (a thesis at the Naval Postgraduate School). The thesis aims to study the practical aspects of implementing a W. Edwards Deming-based quality program within a particular trucking company, Mason Tr...

    Tags: management systems, business, case study, change, history, management system, organization as a system, service, transformation

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  • Santa Claus’ Big Secret: Six Sigma Methodology

    At Christmastime, every child wonders how Santa does it? How does Jolly Old Saint Nick visit millions of children all over the world and deliver presents to every one of them in just one night? A project so complex and far-reaching as this MUST employ Six Sigma principles. If you don’...

    Tags: Implementation, Off The Wall, Six Sigma, case study, off the wall, six sigma, six sigma implementation

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