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  • Interview With a Six Sigma Black Belt

    One of the reasons for the success of Six Sigma is the methodology’s focus on people. All the root cause analysis and quality function deployment in the world make little difference without people on hand who are trained in the particulars of Six Sigma. That’s where the Six Sigma bel...

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  • The Financial (Department) Benefits of Lean Six Sigma

    Six Sigma is about defect reduction. It’s devoted to creating consistency. With Six Sigma, you’re allowed 3.4 mistakes for every million outcomes you create. That’s not a lot of wiggle room, and for some industries, it’s perhaps too ambitious of a target. For example,...

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  • Six Sigma Experts Among Highest Paid Quality Professionals, According to 2017 ASQ Survey

    Quality management and process improvement don’t just help organizations achieve better results. They also help those who specialize in those areas achieve more lucrative careers. That’s the finding of the latest American Society for Quality (ASQ) Quality Progress salary survey. For t...

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  • No Surprise: Many In-Demand Jobs Related to Six Sigma

    In a list that will surprise few people who work with Six Sigma, many of the best jobs in the United States recently ranked by Indeed are related to the process improvement methodology. And even those that are not directly tied to Lean or Six Sigma jobs are still in industries where the methodol...

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  • Process Improvement Manager Career Profile

    Process improvement is not a “one-and-done” proposition. It’s simply not possible to “fix” an operation and then walk away, thinking it will continue to perform at an optimum level. To stay as competitive, profitable and efficient as possible, business leaders have ...

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  • Women Make Their Mark In The World Of Lean and Six Sigma

    Six Sigma is too often related with men. It’s understandable, in a way. Men, after all, invented Six Sigma for Motorola in the 1980s. Men also refined the system at Toyota, creating the Toyota Production System that remains admired to this day. But gender plays no role in applying the met...

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  • Data Scientist Job Description

    People don’t pay you for your experience. They don’t pay you for the title you had at your last job or the format of your resume. They pay you to solve their problems. Right now, there might not be a job that embodies that principle more than the role of Data Scientist. It’s a...

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  • Lean Six Sigma Background a Must for Health Informatics Professionals

    A background in Lean, Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma is seen as an advantage for those who work in health informatics. That could change soon from “advantage” to “requirement.” In many ways, the push for Lean and Six Sigma training and certification in health informati...

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  • Looking for a Pay Raise? Consider a Six Sigma Certification

    Certifications have always been an efficient and effective way to advance your career potential. As the workplace becomes more tech- and data-driven, certifications become even more important – especially those related to technology and data management. If you’re thinking about pursu...

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  • Who is a Lean Sensei: A Master of Lean Principles and a Teacher

    Quickly, without doing an internet search, pick the names from this list of real and fictional people who you think is a sensei. Mr. Miyagi in “Karate Kid” F. Scott Fitzgerald Yu Shu Lien in “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” Albert Einstein Tom Brady Gandalf the Grey If you...

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