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  • Defining Heijunka, Batching & Takt Time

    What would you say if you heard the word Heijunka in your next staff meeting? “Bless you?” Maybe. Nobody would fault you. Heijunka (pronounced hi-JUNE-kuh) is a word that many organizations have been using to garner serious results. It’s based on an old business principle that...

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  • Benefits of Integrating BPM and Six Sigma

    Companies are continually working to improve performance, quality and efficiency in order to achieve optimum growth and customer satisfaction. However, every now and then, most organizations need to stop and examine their procedures to identify and subsequently remove errors and inefficiencies im...

    Tags: Business Management, Implementation, Six Sigma, bpm, business process management

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  • Science Friction: Businesses’ Reluctant Acceptance of Advanced Automation

    Times are changing. According to research conducted by Accenture, intelligent automation is already leaving its mark on several industries around the world. From the report: “Customers at Singapore’s Timbre restaurant will notice something is different. Instead of waiters carrying ...

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  • Michigan Healthcare Company Trains Entire Staff in Six Sigma Yellow Belt

    When Michigan healthcare company McLaren Greater Lansing decided to implement process improvement, they considered adding a few staff members proficient in Six Sigma. Then, they considered a different route: Why not train everyone? They’ve decided to do just that. All employees (nearly 2,...

    Tags: Business Management, Certification, News and Current Events, six sigma yellow belt, yellow belt healthcare, yellow belt training

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  • Lean Philosophy, Strategies Drive Success For Mobile Device Company

    A California-based mobile app company has incorporated Lean Six Sigma into every aspect of their business – including innovation. Innovation is often an area that Lean Six Sigma critics claim the methodology stifles. But nothing could be further from the truth for FutureDial, which provides...

    Tags: Business Management, News and Current Events, Six Sigma, customer-focused, lean six sigma supply chain, management support, mobile, software management, supply chain management

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  • Texas Medical System Uses Six Sigma to Improve Patient Outcomes by 75%

    Stop me if you’ve heard this one: What do you get when you cross a healthcare network and a car manufacturer? A fleet of emergency vehicles? Not exactly. When that car manufacturer is Toyota – pioneers of the fabled Toyota Production System – you get a 75% improvement in pati...

    Tags: Business Management, News and Current Events, Six Sigma, Children's Health, six sigma healthcare, Toyota Production System, Toyota Production System Support Center

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  • Regal Beloit: LEANing Toward Simplicity

    We live in a world of big business. It’s defined by acquisitions, growth, expansion and takeovers – bigger, faster, stronger and better than before. It’s the capitalistic mantra. If your company isn’t growing, it’s dying. And for most businesses, larger growth means...

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  • Executive Buy-In With Six Sigma: Beware The Concrete Heads

    One of the main roadblocks in achieving long-term success with Lean or Six Sigma methodology comes directly from the C-suites. Without the support of executives, even the most passionate, dedicated and educated employees cannot implement the proven strategies of Six Sigma. All too often, impleme...

    Tags: Business Management, Implementation, Methodology, executive support, six sigma, six sigma change, six sigma commitment

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  • Marketing, Milkshakes and Understanding Your Customers

    McDonald’s Milkshakes McDonald’s had a problem. They weren’t selling enough milkshakes. You’ll soon discover, that wasn’t actually the problem. That’s what McDonald’s found out when it hired a team of researchers to figure out why milkshake sales were slu...

    Tags: Business Management, Off The Wall, Tools and Software, customer experience, Customer Needs and Requirements, Kano Model, root cause, voice of the customer

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  • Turkish Gold Mine Uses Lean, Kaizen to Improve Performance

    In 2013, the Tuprag mining company in Turkey faced two situations that severely impacted the company’s ability to effectively run the Efemcukuru gold mine. First, gold prices dropped from a high of $1,900 in 2011 to about $1,300. Second, safety risks were increasing and production performan...

    Tags: Business Management, News and Current Events, Tools and Software, kaizen, lean, lean 5s, Standard Work, Total Productive Maintenance, Value Stream Mapping

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