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  • Deming Regression

    Most of Dr. Deming’s management work requires no understanding of advanced statistical methods. He was also a statistician and this post takes a look at one of his contributions to the field of statistics: the Deming Regression. In his book, Statistical Adjustment of Data (1943), W. Edward...

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  • Getting an Early Appreciation for Deming’s Ideas

    Nicole Roy reading The New Economics to her sister, Yianna Dr. Ravi Roy is the inaugural W. Edwards Deming Fellow with The W. Edwards Deming Institute. He also serves as Director of the Public Administration program at Southern Utah University. We received this adorable photo from proud papa Ra...

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  • How to Use Data and Avoid Being Mislead by Data

    One of the four areas of Deming’s management system is “understanding variation.” The core principle underlying that concept is using data to improve while understanding what data is and is not telling you. The mistakes in interpreting data are very often related to mistaking n...

    Tags: data, psychology, understanding variation, book, evidence based management, statistics, strategy, theory of knowledge

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  • Here’s How Deep Learning Neural Networks are Designed

    by Angela Guess A recent press release reports, “In the world of machine learning, deep learning neural networks (DLNN) is the fastest growing field. World Scientific’s latest book ‘Deep Learning Neural Networks: Design and Case Studies’ shows how DLNN can be a powerful co...

    Tags: big data, data management, Data Daily | Data News, Data Education, Education Resources For Use & Management of Data, Smart Data News, Articles, & Education, book, deep learning, neural networks, smart data

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  • The Deming Dimension by Henry Neave

    The Deming Dimension by Henry Neave provides good historical background and then a well presented explanation of Deming’s ideas on management. It is one of the best books to read to learn about Deming’s ideas. The book includes a forward by W. Edwards Deming: The prevailing system o...

    Tags: Dr. Deming, management systems, respect for people, system of profound knowledge, 14 points, book, history, management system, System of Profound Knowledge

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  • Leadership and the New Science

    Leadership and the New Science: Learning about Organizations from an Orderly Universe by Margaret Wheatley does a good job of exploring how to view organizations as a system. A quote by Meg Wheatley from an interview long after the publication of the book does a good job of capturing the ideas e...

    Tags: systems thinking, book, change, leadership, organization as a system, science

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  • Why Combine Agile and Lean?

    If you’ve been watching my writing (and speaking), you’ve noticed that I like both agile and lean. I like the cadence of milestones and demos that iteration-based agile provides. I like the limiting of work in progress and seeing the whole that lean provides. For me, both are necessar...

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  • Using Checklists to Reduce Process Variation and Improve Results

    The Checklist Manifesto by Atul Gawande is a wonderful book about how to create systems that work. At the core the Checklist Manifesto is about determining the critical process conditions and creating a system to assure that the those process items are properly handled. In the book Atul Gawande...

    Tags: process thinking, systems thinking, understanding variation, book, change, culture, evidence based management, health care, management, management concepts, management system, organization as a system, quality tools, standard work, standardization

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  • The Influence of C. I. Lewis on Walter Shewhart and W. Edwards Deming

    W. Edwards Deming had a large and varied collection of influences. One of the most difficult for people to grasp is C.I. Lewis. The ideas Dr. Deming drew from the work of C.I. Lewis provide one of the ways his ideas on management are different from others. But trying to read the original work of ...

    Tags: theory of knowledge, articles, book, history, operational definition, theory

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  • Jobs to be Done

    In Clayton Christensen’s new book, Competing Against Luck, the authors delve into the importance of gaining a deep understanding of what your customers desire. The book lays out a Theory of Jobs to be Done in a very compelling way. To me this is a great example of extending Deming’s i...

    Tags: customer focus, management systems, process thinking, systems thinking, theory of knowledge, book, business, continual improvement, evidence based management, important, innovation, leadership, management, organization as a system, quality tools

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