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  • Try the Agility Readiness Canvas for small steps toward real change

    Agile businesses are the future because they are often in the best position to exploit the disruptive effects of digital and software technology. A business that follows an agile process can launch the right products faster than its competitors and adapt quickly to changes, bo...

    Tags: Agile and lean principles, agile model, agile process, agile project management, agility readiness canvass, business agility

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  • Ryan Behrman’s #WhentoJump: A few hops, skips and an occasional leap

    Here at Happy Melly we’re undeniably obsessed with happiness at work. But we realize it often simply can’t happen in your current job. Sometimes you just need to know #WhentoJump and make that leap to a different company or even a completely different career. Ryan’s story t...

    Tags: #WhentoJump, Agile and lean principles, agile coach, agile project management, lean coach, when to jump, whentojump

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  • Pushing vs. Pulling Work in Your Agile Project

    If you’re thinking about agile or trying to use it, you probably started with iterations in some form. You tried (and might be still trying) to estimate what you can fit into an iteration. That’s called “pushing” work, where you commit to some number of items of work in ad...

    Tags: agile, MPD, agile project management, iterations, lean, project management, transition to agile

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  • Cost Accounting is a Problem for Agile (and Knowledge Work)

    The more I work with project portfolio teams and program managers, the more I understand one thing: Cost accounting makes little sense in the small for agile, maybe for all knowledge work. I should say that I often see cost accounting in the form of activity-based accounting. Each function contri...

    Tags: agile, MPD, agile program management, agile project management, cost, cost of delay, earned value, project portfolio management, small stories, value

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  • Consider Rolling Wave Roadmap and Backlog Planning

    Many agile teams attempt to plan for an entire quarter at a time. Sometimes, that works quite well. You have deliverables, and everyone understands the order in which you need to deliver them. You use agile because you can receive feedback about the work as you proceed. You might make small adj...

    Tags: agile, MPD, agile program management, agile project management, product ownership, rolling wave planning

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  • AgilePath Podcast Up

    I’ve said before that agile is a cultural change, not merely a project management framework or approach. One of the big changes is around transparency and safety. We need safety to experiment. We need safety to be transparent. Creating that safe environment can be difficult for everyone inv...

    Tags: agile, MPD, agile project management, culture, project culture, project management, safety, transition to agile, transparency

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  • How Agile Creates and Manages WIP Limits

    As I’m writing the agile project management book, I’m explaining how agile creates and manages WIP (Work in Progress) Limits. Iteration-based agile manages WIP by estimating what you can do in an iteration. You might count points. Or, you use my preference, which is to count the ...

    Tags: agile, MPD, agile project management, lean, project management, value, WIP limits

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  • How to make the Delegation Board work for your team

    Thanks to Jurgen Appelo, author of Management 3.0 and Managing for Happiness, I learnt the technique Delegation Board. With Key Decision Areas on the Vertical and the seven levels of delegation on the horizontal axis, to me it serves as a visible, transparent matrix structure agreement between pe...

    Tags: Agile and lean principles, Employee Engagement Exercises, Management 3.0, Project Management Tools & Techniques, agile project management, delegation board, employee engagement exercises, how to delegate, project management techniques, project management tools, self-organization

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  • How experiments made me a Management 3.0 facilitator

    I started my professional career in 1997. I finished the polytechnic university and started my first job as a software developer. I loved it, talking to customers, analyzing their problems and, in the end, creating software to help them solving their problems. If it were up to me, I would be a so...

    Tags: #WhentoJump, Agile and lean principles, Management 3.0, agile principles, agile project management, agile scrum methodology, agile software development, experimentation at work, scrum, when to jump, whentojump

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  • With Agile, No Warnings Needed

    Have you ever worked on a project where the management and/or sponsors felt it necessary to provide you warnings: “This release better do this or have that. Otherwise, you’re toast.” I have, once. That’s when I started to use release criteria and check with the sponsors/ma...

    Tags: agile, MPD, agile project management, culture, management, project management, servant leadership, transition to agile

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