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  • What is Quality 4.0?

    Image Credit: Doug Buckley of http://hyperactive.to My first post of the year addresses an idea that’s just starting to gain traction – one you’ll hear a lot more about from me in 2018: Quality 4.0.  It’s not a fad or trend, but a reminder that the business environmen...


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  • Top 5 Innovative Technologies That Will Disrupt and Dominate 2019 and Beyond

    With every passing year, innovations on this planet abound. Just 30 years ago, the internet was a rarity, and few could have ever imagined just how extensively this new technology would disrupt and dominate our lives. As we move toward 2019, the rate at which we are producing these innovations is...

    Tags: innovation, innovation excellence, Innovation, 3D Printing, 5g, ai, Blockchain, green, IoT, Security, Telepresence

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  • Is Smartphone Innovation Dead?

    In the early days of cellular technology, a phone’s make and model would indicate vastly varying appearance and features from one device to another; burnt orange phones that flip horizontally to reveal a keyboard, razor-thin flip phones with brushed aluminum exteriors, rectangular Blackberr...

    Tags: innovation, innovation excellence, Technology, 5g, smartphone, wearables

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